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FROM THE PRESIDENT John Sjovall Clarity, Community & Career When people pull with the same oar, the boat moves faster. W hether you train or educate, in front of a class or a single person, face-to-face or virtually, if your audience is sales reps, managers, medical educators, marketers, researchers, health care providers or patients, putting the learner first is always good business. In life sciences, it gets more complicated every day. Putting the learner first isn't just one way to build long-term, sustainable success ... it's the only way. This is so easy to say and yet hard to do, as learners have individual needs. On top of that we have intense pressure to do more with less manage shrinking budgets, push things virtually, etc. You have to satisfy multiple masters, and you also have to keep your supervisors, their supervisors and the entire chain of command happy. Pressure? What pressure? I won't tell you more of what you already know. But that doesn't mean I can't help ... or, more accurately, that we can't help. As we celebrate the next evolution in the society's history - the transition to becoming the Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN) - we are focusing our efforts to support you around three approaches: Clarity, Community and Career. (Read more about the LTEN transition and those three C's in this issue's cover story on Page 17.) Each of those three C's will help provide support and guidance to do our jobs better, enhance our services to our customers and companies, and deliver better education. The first C or clarity is fairly obvious. We need to be giving clear, accurate, and actionable education so our learners can use and apply what they have been taught. Education has to be coupled with marketing messages and regulatory guidance in many cases - we are in business, after all. The more engaging and "real world" the education is, the more it will appeal to the learner. In short, clarity engages, educates and builds trust. There is also the clarity that LTEN offers you. Through our conferences, webinars, newsletters, workshops and Focus magazine, we help to educate and inform with research, benchmarking and other tools. We have heard you loud and clear; Community has been overlooked. We need a community dedicated to making learning better in life sciences. Keeping in mind that when people pull with the same oar, the boat moves faster, LTEN members can share best practices, lessons learned and inspirations to make learning more engaging and avoid "check the box" activities! We need to become the "Facebook" of life sciences learning, to build stronger connections through LTEN's existing and future systems. We need you to participate and share to create that robust community. Finally, there's Career, the C that most closely touches our personal needs. LTEN will support careers with information, resources and connections. You can enhance your career through LTEN: by taking advantage of the connections, finding mentors, using the available tools and participating in our development opportunities afforded by our webinars, classes, and conferences. We're living in an exciting time, with changes that challenge us, growth that motivates us and potential that drives us. If we keep our eyes on the prize - a healthy world and a healthy bottom line - success will surely follow. I John Sjovall is president of LTEN and executive director, sales training & development, at Daiichi Sankyo. Email John at FOCUS | SUMMER 2014 | 5

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