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UPFRONT Focus SUMMER 2014 Vol. 24, No. 3 17 COVER STORY Introducing LTEN, the Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network By Kristen Brill After 43 years and an ongoing evolution of the life sciences industry, it's time for a change. Learn about our new branding, and what it means to you. 35 Selling as a Team Sport ELEARNING By Melyssa Plunkett-Gomez Incorporating video into your training can create powerful team experiences. When you capture the learner's attention, you can raise the bar on performance. 23 Communities of Practice: FEATURE ARTICLE Learning in Action By Shawn Andrews, Ed.D., MBA Learning can be more effective when it's a shared goal. Joining - or creating - communities of practice can cut across boundaries to make training more successful. 26 Are We Living in a Post-LMS FEATURE ARTICLE World? By Michelle Nolin, CPLP Learning management systems have been an important part of training, but what lies ahead? New technology solutions may be worth exploring. 30 Measuring the Impact of Training MEMBER SOLUTIONS By Dawn Brehm Do we really know when our training interventions are successful? In this issue, LTEN members share their thoughts on tracking the impact of our efforts. FOCUS | SUMMER 2014 | 37 From Training Room to the LEADERSHIP/MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT Boardroom By Eric Kaufmann Creating successful and influential leaders is a major mission for trainers. These three focus areas can help to grow leadership talent. 40 The Science of Changing Sales SELLING SKILLS Behavior By Duncan Lennox Sales training can often have the most direct impact on bottom lines, but much of that potential depends on pull-through to field personnel. Medicine: 42 PersonalizedRevolution The Coming MEDICAL & DIAGNOSTIC DEVICES By Clayton Dahle Medical and diagnostic devices are crucial in the expanded world of life sciences training. Technology and other innovations are revolutionizing healthcare. 7

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: Your Network and the Connection Ecomony
Front of the Room: Getting Your Head Right
Neuroscience: Neuroliteracy
Introducing LTEN: The Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network
Communities of Practice: Learning in Action
Are We Living in a Post-LMS World?
Member Solutions: Measuring the Impact of Training
Selling as a Team Sport
From the Training Room to the Board Room
The Science of Changing Sales Behavior
Personalized Medicine: The Coming Revolution
Virtual How: Trends in Selling Models
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