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DIRECTIONS Dawn Brehm More Ways to Connect There's nothing like a live event to get a recharge of energy from professional-style training. M aking and cultivating connections is one of the important ways LTEN serves its membership. In today's socialoriented world, sharing is becoming the answer for a variety of business needs. Call it networking if you'd like, or collaboration, or simply making connections. is rose, by any other name, is a sweetsmelling solution for keeping you connected to your industry, for finding specific answers for specific issues and for building your professional "friends list." But you know that. We know it too. e first half of 2015 has been filled with many opportunities for LTEN members to interact, socialize and learn from one another. Trusted colleagues are a great source of inspiration, best practices and practical advice on how to tackle the challenge at hand. If you are like me, there are many times sitting at my desk that I would love to reach out to my LTEN network and get ideas and advice. I wish all the members were sitting right down the hall, but of course you're spread around the world. e many types of live events hosted by LTEN definitely fulfill the need to interact. LTEN Social Media: Social media is another great way to keep up with the latest at LTEN. LTEN has active groups on LinkedIn, you can follow us and on Twitter, watch videos on YouTube and like us on Facebook. Of course, you can communicate with us on any of those social media sites. Check out these URLs: Be sure you bookmark for a direct connection to all the LTEN resources! ere is nothing like attending a live event to help training professionals recharge and share their energy. No disrespect intended to online webinars (we certainly host enough!) or virtual conferences. ose are valuable learning opportunities and they can be taken to the next level, but nothing yet has fully replaced the advantages of "pressing the flesh" and interacting one-on-one or through in-person gatherings. Looking at LTEN offerings, I am excited about the many live certificate programs, the LTEN Medical Device and Diagnostic Trainers Summit, our annual conference and the networking mixers we host. Many of these inperson learning opportunities, including the MD&D Summit, are still coming in the remainder of 2015. Be sure to check out the calendar at to see what live event is coming to your part of the world. Of course, there simply are times when live interaction is not practical. Sure, you can always pick up the phone and pick the brain of one of your LTEN colleagues, but many business needs call for a plethora of ideas from a broad swath. In fact, members have told us they would like a private place to discuss training matters. LTEN has launched a new members-only chat board that brings those connections to your desktop. On the chat board at, you can jump into a conversation to share ideas and/or pose your own questions or discussion topics. To participate, you must be logged into the site, ensuring it remains a members-only place to converse. I hope to greet you soon at an LTEN live event, but in the meantime I hope to hear from you and converse with you through a virtual solution. See you there! ■ Dawn Brehm is executive director of LTEN. Email Dawn at FOCUS | FALL 2015 | 13

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