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MEMBERSOLUTIONS LTEN Member Solutions: Global Training ■ By Tim Sosbe I learning to be n case you haven't noticed, the life applicable for their sciences industry is getting bigger. Perhaps not in terms of specific learners," said company body counts, but certainly in Kathleen Spelman, scope and reach. For most companies, associate director of the days of doing business just down training and the street are long gone. development, sales, for Grifols We live, in other words, in a global Diagnostic village. e training leader in New Solutions. "Most Jersey has direct reports in India. e colleagues speak trainer is North Carolina is English, however connecting with learners in Europe. this may not be their e training technology manager in first language. In all Indiana has to make sure the tools are training initiatives, working in Brazil. "Just around the we consider the corner" is now "just across the ocean." delivery, pace and With this new marketplace in applications mind, we asked members of the new knowing that our LTEN Research Panel to share their international colleagues may need to thoughts and advice on the challenges have some words translated and time and opportunities of global training. to process the learning content. We "Typically global projects present a plan time appropriately and/or have high level of complexity," said Joe content DiGiacomo, global director Members of the LTEN Research translated into their native of training Panel share their thoughts and language. " (HCC&P) for advice on the challenges and LTEN Johnson & Research Panel Johnson. opportunities of global training. members also "Global projects report that it's ideal to know who your demand a high level of effective learner is. communication by all parties to get "e global business tends to be the most value from all contributors. quite different from the U.S. business," Communication is the most said Jennie Joshi, director learning significant challenge I face when and development, corporate & working globally." government customers, for Bayer e communication issue is - as Healthcare. "In preparation for the you might expect - a major hurdle to meetings, I ask about the roles of the clear. performers, as well as the objectives." "For global initiatives, we request Mary Myers, director of training the regional directors to customize the 30 and development for Bayer Healthcare, agrees. "Make sure there is alignment and people are saying the same thing," Myers said. "Different cultures and individuals with different levels of language comprehension has led to missteps. Find common ground. Write down what is agreed upon. Make sure this is communicated over and over with timelines and stated objectives. Keep each other informed and always share resources to leverage assets and improve or upli the entire organization." Naturally, when possible it helps to have metaphoric "boots on the ground" in the global region. "We get people on the development team who are familiar with the region to make sure that we have the global perspective in planning content," said Anne Gregory, assistant director, FOCUS | FALL 2015 |

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Table of Contents
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44th LTEN Annual Conference: The Power of Networking
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Developing Reps: 5 Critical Steps to Success
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