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LEADERSHIP/MANAGEMENTDEVELOPMENT The Making of Great Leaders ■ By Eric Kaufmann A Trainer's journey shares 3 common elements: A learning journey begins at the edge of the comfortable, known world. 34 1. 2. COURAGE Leaving the comfort zone "W 3. PERSEVERANCE Facing challenge and risk hat does it take to develop great leaders?" asked Barbara, the vice president of global product teams. "I lead my own team as well as a critical matrixed team. is is important for me to figure out." "Well," I said, "Great leaders guide teams from a familiar and known place through the unknown and unfamiliar to accomplish new results. ey become great by blending skilled actions and compelling attitudes." "I get actions," Barbara said. "You're referring to things like strategy, teambuilding, finance, recruiting and coaching, right? But what's attitude?" "Attitude" I replied, "is the way that leaders show up. It's their impact on people." Bring to mind a leader to whom you felt committed, both practically and emotionally. Reflect for a moment ... I bet it was more than their intelligence and experience that engaged you. eir smarts and business savvy were the entry point into leadership. But it was their presence and the way they made you feel that earned your energy and effort. Great leaders inspire commitment and engagement, which emerge from a leader's personal energy and tone. e Gallup Engagement Index, in fact, demonstrates that the primary predictor of CONTRIBUTION Giving back to others engagement is a positive relationship with your supervisor. Our job as trainers is to develop leaders who can think, decide and relate; leaders whom people commit to follow. We use models, skill building and prescriptive formulas to teach leadership; but great leaders transcend tools and ideas; they evolve into people of influence and impact. Each leader has to traverse a unique path to greatness, but every journey shares three common elements: * Leaving the comfort zone (courage) * Facing challenge and risk (perseverance) * Giving back to others (contribution) In order to engage your leader or learner you have to awaken their passion for growth, challenge and change. And to awaken that passion, you must share that passion. A learning journey begins at the edge of the comfortable, known world. It is an initiation into a new level of awareness, skill and responsibility that culminates when the learner or leader brings his or her hard-earned prize back home. On the journey, the leader changes and returns a hero-a different person, a different leader. "So in order to bring out the best in my leaders, I need to coach them to grow as FOCUS | FALL 2015 |

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