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SELLINGSKILLS Reaching Potential: Two Essential Skills ■ By Earl Bell C ompeting in the world of healthcare will become more difficult for the foreseeable future. Companies that learn how to compete in the new economy will "win," while those who don't may go out of business. To bring a winning perspective and increase selling effectiveness, focus more on producing enormous value to buyers and their organizations while creating advocates by delivering awesome experiences and outcomes. Below is a synopsis of how to accomplish these goals: Acknowledge the Problem Before talking about solutions, it is important to acknowledge the enormity of the problem. e U.S. healthcare system is facing an economic crisis. Eighty million baby for medical care increases due to an boomers started retiring in 2011 and aging population! e coming are leaving the economic workforce at the Focus on producing enormous squeeze placed rate of about value while creating advocates by on 10,000 people pharmaceutical per day. is delivering awesome experiences. and medical generation is device being replaced by 50 million gen-Xers companies will reduce the playing that are simply unable to pay enough field of competitors. Effective sales Medicare/Medicaid payroll taxes to training will help separate the winners support the medical needs of this from losers! burgeoning population of retirees. If you've heard pundits talk about, "e Strategically Focus on the fiscal cliff," this is what they are talking Right Things to Survive about. and Thrive Sales teams must recognize that Below are two "right things" for top funding for Medicare and Medicaid performing sales teams to focus on: programs will decline during the next 1. Value - Build a team capable of decade and beyond while the demand expertly articulating the value of 38 your product and buying from your company. Warren Buffet said it best: "Price is what you pay but value is what you get." Competing based on price results in a race to the bottom where margins and profits disappear. Help buyers understand how your product improves outcomes for patients in a way that matters to them. Start focusing on proving great value by identifying how to better serve buyer needs and those they serve. 2. Advocacy - Build a team capable of consistently providing, "Off-thechart" customer experiences to ensure long-term business relationships that produce predictable profits. Relationship selling is easier to sustain if buyers are consistently delighted with the FOCUS | FALL 2015 |

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Table of Contents
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