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VIRTUALHOW Medical Device Training Priorities By Katie Rebilas B oth medical device and pharmaceutical companies struggle with similar training issues: Managing onboarding, keeping pace with technology and extending learning beyond initial phases. Each year LTEN partners with TGaS Advisors to answer the question, "What is the state of life sciences training?" is article presents the highlights of the 2015 LTEN-TGaS Advisors Medical Device Landscape Study, featuring input from 15 medical device companies ranging broadly in scope and revenue (Figure 1: Responding Company Revenue and Scope). e report covers such issues as strategic initiatives, trending topics and the time and topics being taught across sales representative, district manager and account manager curricula. (For a report on the Pharmaceutical Landscape Study, see the June 2015 Bonus Focus: FIGURE 1 RESPONDING COMPANY REVENUE & SCOPE FIGURE 2 WHERE TRAINING TEAMS SPEND [THEIR TIME] FIGURE 3 TRAINER ONBOARDING AND COMPETENCIES Strategic Initiatives: Top Four Priorities Globalizing Learning: e pull to "go global" continues as companies seek to drive consistency throughout the entire organization. e move toward centralizing functions allows the entire company to work toward unified goals, share best practices and minimize redundancies. Mobile Learning: MD&D training departments are working to catch up to other learning sectors where mobile learning has become the foundation. Making the shi to mobile learning platforms also requires a shi in design mindset. Content must be provided in smaller chunks while empowering and educating learners. FOCUS | FALL 2015 | 41

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