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5 QUESTIONS Tim Sosbe 5 Questions With... Anthony Caliendo T raining a "sales assassin" may sound like a serious mission ... and it is. Another name for a high-performing sales rep, a sales assassin requires support, training and the right mindset to succeed. I recently spoke with Anthony Caliendo, author of e Sales Assassin, about preparing pros to take their best shot. Anthony Caliendo is author of The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales Tim Sosbe (TS): What is a Sales Assassin? Should I be scared? Anthony Caliendo (AC): A Sales Assassin is a sales professional who consistently performs at the highest level of sales skill and sales precision in order to achieve his or her sales goals on a consistent basis. is high performance individual exhibits these following characteristics: (A) "think outside the box" and determine as many methods as possible toward achieving the final outcome; (B) have unconventional or clever ways of acquiring and applying knowledge; (C) versatile with the ability to use many tools in order to get the job done is vital; (D) have special powers of persuasion; (E) are calculated risk-takers who can easily adapt to conditions; and (F) knows their target and knows how to devise their plan of attack. It might sound scary but in essence what it means is to be intensely focused and driven to succeed in sales. TS: How much of this is a stretch for sales professionals? AC: With proper motivation and coaching almost anything can be taught. My belief is that the onus is always on the teacher; never the student. Certain proficiencies such as mindset, mental preparation and goal setting can be learned and practiced. TS: Life sciences sales professionals oen have limited time with healthcare professionals. Does this approach support those fleeting opportunities? AC: is all has to do with client qualification techniques. Sales pros have to learn how to maximize the opportunities they have in front of their buyers. ey need to be prepared; have an action plan in place. ey need to learn how to get past the gatekeepers. ey need to have their target qualifying questions or "hot-spots" ready. Most importantly they need to brand themselves - make an impression. TS: How can a training department create a team of Sales Assassins? AC: First, a training department desiring to create a team of Sales Assassins requires a sales leader who understands the importance of the sales force-toorganization dynamic. Over 50 percent of sales managers are too busy to train and develop their sales teams. Too oen, corporations fail to recognize that creating great sales pros starts at the top of any organization. e best sales organization achieves success starting with the CEO. TS: Which of the "nine belts" is the most challenging for trainers? AC: You can't teach PDC - passion, dedication and courage. But you can help them discover their passion and help them realize that commitment and overcoming fear of failure are the keys to success. ■ Tim Sosbe is editor of Focus magazine and editorial director for LTEN. Email Tim at 46 FOCUS | FALL 2015 |

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