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UPFRONT Focus FaLL 2015 vol. 25, no. 3 19 Cover story AstraZeneca: Creating a Blended Learning Curriculum By Clare Miller, Donna Maier, Michael Ballas and Lynn Lentz Armed with a shared vision, the AstraZeneca sales training team set out to update its respiratory learning curriculum for new hires. 34 Leadership/ManageMent deveLopMent The Making of Great Leaders By Eric Kaufmann Attitude can make leaders more engaging. For best results, trainers must develop leaders who can think, decide and relate. 24 The 44th LTEN Annual Feature artiCLe Conference: The Power of Your Network By Tim Sosbe LTEN members once again came together to network and learn. Check out our photo gallery from the 44th LTEN Annual Conference. 26 Training's Transformative Role: Feature artiCLe Executing a Key Account Management Strategy By Wendy Heckelman, Ph.D. Life sciences companies are becoming increasingly reliant on key account manager strategies, meaning training must change too. teChnoLogy 36 Developing Reps: 5 Critical Steps to Success By Simon Mormen Managers sometimes may see field visits as a "tick-the-box" exercise. Technology is one way to help you change this perception. 38 Reaching Potential: seLLing skiLLs Two Essential Skills By Earl Bell In today's healthcare landscape, successful training helps sales reps focus on two critical skills: value and advocacy. virtuaL how 41 Medical Device Company Training MeMber soLutions Priorities: Global, Mobile, Advanced and Continuous Share Their Secrets By Kathryn Rebilas Medical device companies oen struggle with similar training issues. Current trends help detail the state of the industry. 30 Global Learning: LTEN Members By Tim Sosbe Culture, competencies and communication are elements of global training. LTEN members share their approaches. FOCUS | FALL 2015 | 7

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From the President: Training's Transformative Power
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Guest Editors: The Role of Tension Management
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Front of the Room: Delivering the Unexpected
Neuroscience: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness
AstraZeneca: Creating a Blended Learning Curriculum
44th LTEN Annual Conference: The Power of Networking
Executing a Key Account Management Strategy
Member Solutions: Managing Global Learning
The Making of Great Leaders
Developing Reps: 5 Critical Steps to Success
Reaching Potential: Two Essential Skills
Virtual How: Medical Device Training Priorities
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