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UPFRONT ad index | 44 FOCUS ContaCts | 45 CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS Michael ballas 5 earl bell FroM the president Training's Transformative Power By John Sjovall Learning is a transformative process. Change forces us to reevaluate our processes, professional beliefs and goals. dawn brehm david brin Merrill Collier wendy heckelman, ph.d. eric kaufmann brian Lange 11 guest editors The Role of Tension Management By David Brin and Troy Prehar Navigating tension is a commonly missed competency for sales people and an opportunity for training to close a gap. Lynn Lentz donna Maier Clare Miller simon Mormen troy prehar kathryn rebilas 13 John sjovall 15 Front oF the rooM Delivering the Unexpected By Brian Lange It can be comfortable to stay in professional ruts, but challenging how we work ultimately can best serve the learner. the magazine is published four times a year and subscriptions are free to all members of Lten. nonmember subscriptions are $100 per annum. Focus is designed to provide members of the Life sciences trainers & educators network (Lten) with news and analysis of training, reports on trends in training, commentary and opinion, and reports on news and activities of Lten. More Ways to Connect By Dawn Brehm Sharing is a business solution. Making and cultivating connections is one important way that LTEN serves members. tim sosbe Focus is the official magazine of the Life sciences trainers & educators network (Lten). the network is governed by a board of directors, with management operations handled by an executive management group. direCtions 17 neurosCienCe The Neuroscience of Mindfulness By Merrill Collier Mindfulness, at its very core, is "wise attention," which can impact workplace performance and leadership effectiveness. 46 5 Questions 5 Questions with ... Anthony Caliendo By Tim Sosbe A "sales assassin" requires support, training and the right mindset. Author Anthony Caliendo shares tips to help prepare pros. FOCUS | FALL 2015 | 9

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From the President: Training's Transformative Power
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Guest Editors: The Role of Tension Management
Directions: More Ways to Connect
Front of the Room: Delivering the Unexpected
Neuroscience: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness
AstraZeneca: Creating a Blended Learning Curriculum
44th LTEN Annual Conference: The Power of Networking
Executing a Key Account Management Strategy
Member Solutions: Managing Global Learning
The Making of Great Leaders
Developing Reps: 5 Critical Steps to Success
Reaching Potential: Two Essential Skills
Virtual How: Medical Device Training Priorities
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5 Questions with Anthony Caliendo

Focus Magazine - Fall 2015