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GUEST EDITOR Sue Iannone Surviving and Thriving in a Volatile Industry It's a liberating experience when you realize you can still be in control of your career. O ver the past few months, I've received more than a handful of emails from former colleagues who were about to face job loss. I cringe when I see these emails because of my own personal experience.  I've survived four downsizes, two mergers, and lost my job once. While instability may be the new norm in life sciences, it doesn't get any easier to experience it. If you haven't yet been affected by these types of events, you more than likely know someone who has lost their job, lost their responsibilities, or just 'lost their mind' due to living in fear of the unexpected. How can one thrive when uncertainty is the norm? It's a liberating experience when you realize you can still be in control of your career instead of being controlled by uncertainty. While there's no such thing as job security, I've found myself giving this advice: * Get in the gutter, then get out.  It's human nature- when news hits about impending negative change, people flock together to talk about it. Many folks in leadership positions will say 'don't commiserate', but we all need to vent. As a leader, it's important to give your people the opportunity to share their feelings. ere's nothing wrong with a little speculation and commiseration; the trick is to avoid the extreme and not spread poison around the office. Certainly don't share anything confidential if you are privy. Be choosy about who you vent to, then "let it go." Moving on is paramount - nobody likes listening to poison all the time, and eventually it will kill your attitude. * Focus on what you can control. You've probably heard this before; take it to heart. While it may not feel like you have any control, it's a choice to positively impact your attitude, behavior and performance. Even when performance has nothing to do to with job loss, consistently focusing on delivering results helps secure your next job. * Grow and nurture your LTEN network. Building contacts outside of my current company has been one of the most important investments I have made over the years. When times are great, your network is a valuable sounding board for problem solving, idea exchange, and finding a great supplier for a specific need. When times aren't so great, your network can surface opportunities you might have never known about. Ongoing engagement is key; if you only tap in to your contacts when times are bad, it can appear one-sided. Make it a winwin for everyone - give as well as take from the relationships, and don't forget to pay it forward when you have the opportunity. * Continue to learn.  Just as your network needs nurturing, so does your expertise. Attend conferences, take on stretch assignments, acquire a certification and keep up on industry happenings. It doesn't matter if you have 20 years of experience if you're using yesterday's techniques. Today's fastpaced environment demands out-of-the-box thinking, and making the investment in yourself gives you the ability to identify the right solution for the right need. It also keeps you more marketable than other candidates should you need to compete for a position. While uncertain times can be unsettling, many have used these tips with success. riving is possible! I Sue Iannone, CPLP, is director, commercial inflammation & immunology training, for Celgene. Email Sue at FOCUS | SUMMER 2015 | 11

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