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DIRECTIONS Dawn Brehm Let the Networking Commence! You have to do your part by T he 44th LTEN Annual Conference is just around the corner and the buzz around the largest gathering of life science making sure you trainers is electrifying. e theme of the conference this year is e Power of Your make connections. NETWORK! - and network is what I intend to do; I am truly excited to have an opportunity to catch up with so many members. e conference this year is built to be a great learning and interacting experience. e agenda is full of opportunities to learn, network and have fun, and our keynotes will provide serious fodder for discussion. I can't think of a better way to kick off a networking event than with a well-known speaker and best-selling author who is an expert in this very subject, Keith Ferrazzi. Keith will share insights that we can walk out of the session and put directly to use! Another keynoter, Robyn Benincasa, promises to thrill us with leadership lessons from her Connection Plan adventures as an As the old adage goes, plan your work and work extreme sports your plan. Download the LTEN conference app enthusiast and at as a tool for firefighter. row connecting. Tweet your intentions to attend at in a panel of @YourLTEN and #LTEN2015, and pack your healthcare business cards. Make a plan for networking executives, panels of LTEN board while in Phoenix and work that plan. leaders and 60 workshops and you have an event of learning, sharing and interacting! Building your network happens conversation by conversation and interaction by interaction. e 44th LTEN Annual Conference is full of opportunity. e networking events will entice you to tour the world while visiting our industry partners, you can enjoy a beautiful Arizona sunset and, most importantly, you can give back by participating in a charity team-building project. You can do your part by making sure you make connections. Each workshop you attend creates an opportunity to sit beside a person you don't know and to introduce yourself. Set a goal at each event to make a new contact, exchange cards and connect aer the conference. I may sound like a commissioned sales person, pushing networking, and on the one hand I am. Networking has enriched me professionally and paid off for me. My hope is that it will pay off for you as well. My current dream role as executive director of LTEN began with volunteering as a SPBT board member. My interactions with members of this community have created connections that have supported me professionally and personally. I consider many LTEN members colleagues and importantly friends. As a network of likeminded professionals, we are all about supporting each other in our learning and leading journeys. Use the conference as an opportunity to grow and strengthen your LTEN network. Networking to build your professional links is just not a conference activity. For your network to produce results for you it must be an item that stays on your to-do list. I once had a member say to me he marks time on his calendar every week to reach out to contacts. If you are unable to attend the conference this year, pick up the phone and call a colleague. You too can take action on building your network. I hope to you there! I Dawn Brehm is executive director of LTEN. Email Dawn at FOCUS | SUMMER 2015 | 13

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