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COVERSTORY Sales Trainer Onboarding: A Fresh Approach at Bristol-Myers Squibb I By Candice Lenkowsky, Dona Bone, Steve Daniel and John Bye T raining departments are working to have their people be considered strategic business partners. e challenge these departments face, however, is that tighter budgets have led to a reduction of specialized roles. is means that individuals have to take on a wider range of responsibilities in order for the organization to be successful, and as a result, they need to be trained in a wider variety of skills. To realize the vision of putting together a world-class training organization, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Sales & Access Learning team decided to update its trainer onboarding process. Because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received regarding the initiative, we have taken a step back to consider what we did right and how we made this work where other companies typically fall down. Beginning with Benchmarking e story began in the third quarter of 2013, when we performed benchmarking for our entire training department, including trainer onboarding. At that time, Bristol-Myers Squibb had what we believed to be a comprehensive sales trainer onboarding program focused on nine competencies and designed to span three to four months. However, through focused interviews with trainers and training managers, the benchmarking revealed that when trainers were asked about the program, the responses varied from, "I don't remember the components of the onboarding program" to "I don't recall being onboarded!" Perception is reality, and no matter how good we believed the program to be, clearly something was missing. e benchmarking led to a lot of hard questions and le those responsible for trainer onboarding scratching our heads wondering what went wrong. Dona Bone, center, project manager, USP Sales & Access Learning for Bristol-Myers Squibb, works with trainers, from left, Joanne Cesario, Christy McDade, Leslie Boucher and Ryan Nepomuceno. Bristol-Myers Squibb sales training mentor Ryan Nepomuceno reviews material for the onboarding program. Onboarding Workshop FOCUS | SUMMER 2015 | 19

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