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FEATURESTORY Change Your Paradigm, Transform Your Network I By Daniel Hallak I f networking doesn't feel right, you are doing it wrong. Midway through my master's degree, I became concerned about my postgraduation job prospects. Bright classmates of mine were struggling with their transitions in the beginning of a recession and this filled me with fear. At the advice of trusted mentors, I decided to start "networking." Feverishly I built as many contacts as possible to increase my chances of landing a job upon graduation. My efforts went well and I began to cultivate a large number of connections, but something felt off. What I learned is that the paradigm shiing secret to world-class networking is generous living and that networking for others brings tremendous joy as you pay it forward. A New Paradigm I started to feel really guilty. Aer networking meetings with several generous people it occurred to me that I was networking to gain something but my new connections were networking to give. I was approaching networking the wrong way. is epiphany changed my paradigm. Suddenly, networking became about much more than landing a job or launching my coaching practice. I realized that networking was not a set of actions for gain but rather a lifestyle of giving. Networking became about building relationships, not contacts. Armed with a new purposedriven networking paradigm, everything changed. 26 A Lifestyle of Generosity roughout my career I have had the privilege of building external partnerships as a large part of my work. is has given me the opportunity to meet some world-class relationship builders and study their secrets. e best networkers I know are extremely generous. ese people are well-connected powerhouses who speak nationally, run successful organizations and still make time for others. When I inquire about their relationship-building secrets, they quickly speak about building relationships to serve other people. ese rare individuals actually take the time to thoughtfully listen and then connect you with people or resources without expecting a favor in return. For these generous superconnectors, networking truly is a lifestyle where every social setting becomes an opportunity to create value for other people. ey look at the world as an unlimited networking opportunity - they don't have to spend inordinate hours on networking because it is something that they just do everywhere they go. eir eyes are always open to the needs of people and they are constantly thinking of how to leverage their social capital for service. A few years ago I met with a friend who is an influential business owner. I was in a career transition and I wanted his advice. When we sat down for coffee, the first thing he enthusiastically asked was, "How can I serve you?" Aer an hour of thoughtful questions and wise advice, he offered to broker a conversation with a recruiter who might have an opportunity for me. For my friend and so many like him, networking as service has become second nature and as natural as breathing. The Rewards of Networking on Purpose Transforming your networking paradigm has lots of rewards. e utmost gain is the joy of serving others and seeing them thrive and develop. Everyone has something to give to other people. Helping someone launch their business, land a dream job, find a babysitter so they can get a date night or connect to an inspiring mentor is exhilarating. By always FOCUS | SUMMER 2015 |

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