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FEATURESTORY What's the BIG idea? 3 Tips to Open Doors I By Jill Donahue A h ... the beaches of Portugal! e sun was shining, the water beckoning, but there was Benita prepping for work. Benita took some time on her family trip to spend a day in the life of a rep in Portugal. What she discovered was one big idea that opens doors the world over and had a doctor sneaking a visit with her. Benita wasn't allowed into the doctor's office as she had reached the government-controlled maximum number of visits. Imagine Benita's surprise when the doctor and nurse emerged from the building to meet her outside! ey found a quiet place around the corner where they huddled, discussing which patients could benefit from the treatment the rep knew so much about. Surprised? Are you as surprised as I was? Why is that? I guess it has a lot to do with 30 the loss of trustworthiness that has permeated our industry over the last two decades. We're not used to being trusted enough to have such valued dialogue. Once upon a time, we were admired and respected. In fact, Fortune magazine named Merck "the most admired company" for seven years in a row back in the late '80s. Now most public opinion polls rank pharma near tobacco companies in terms of trust. e result? We are being pushed away from the healthcare table; doors are closing. An aphorism describes our predicament well: "If we don't have a seat at the table, we are likely on the menu." Moreover, the disengagement between medicine makers and medicine prescribers is dangerous both for patient health and our companies' sustainability. My own experience of this danger is extremely personal as my father died of a prescribing error. As I stood outside his room in the ICU, I overheard a nurse discovering the error. e image that jumped into my mind was the closed door between the expert on the medication (the rep) and the prescriber of the medication (the doctor). ings could have been so different. Preventing Errors Pharma professionals have an important role in both preventing medical errors (which kill enough people each week to fill four jumbo jets) and contributing to optimal treatment. e big question is how we gain back our seat at the healthcare table, so that experiences like Benita's are the norm rather than the exception. FOCUS | SUMMER 2015 |

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