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VIRTUALHOW How Companies are Centralizing Training Functions I By Kathryn Rebilas FIGURE 1 TEAM SIZE FIGURE 2 CENTRALIZED VS. DECENTRALIZED FIGURE 3 NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES TRAINED T he world continues to become more interconnected, and the learning and development field is no different. TGaS Advisors recently conducted a deep-dive analysis on how life sciences companies are approaching the rapidly growing trend of global learning and development. A total of 10 participants responded to a survey that included topics about team structure, processes and training topics. All respondents are from midto large-tier life sciences companies and all are responsible for learning and development at a global level. Most have been in their current position for less than three years but have three-to-10 years' tenure in learning and development. In-depth interviews were also conducted with select respondents. Why Are We 'Going Global?' Behind the push to "go global" is the realization that in order to stay competitive in the dynamic life sciences industry, companies must drive consistency throughout the entire organization. Global organizations are moving toward the creation of centralized functions that allow the entire company to work toward unified goals, share best practices and minimize redundancies. e goals of global learning teams are to streamline processes and create efficiencies across the entire organization worldwide. Given the novelty of the global movement, organizations are still learning what an optimal structure may be, who their stakeholders are and what FOCUS | SUMMER 2015 | 41

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