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FROM THE PRESIDENT John Sjovall Learning Delivery: What's Your Blend? With the boom in technology comes a plethora of new options. W hen it comes to education, we're fortunate enough to live in a time of abundance. On the other hand, it's arguable that we're cursed with too many choices. Welcome to 21st century learning. I remember when learning was largely a simpler event, involving the two most stable foundations of education - a classroom and a teacher. For years, workforce development followed in the same tradition. With the boom in technology comes a plethora of new options, including eLearning and mobile learning (Oops, I mean mLearning!), which are two separate-but-related offerings oen used interchangeably. e two differ in style and format and capabilities, even though both are designed for asynchronous, rapid and global learning delivery. Mobile training, for instance, is designed for small devices and formats, which lends itself more as a reinforcement tool or a job aid than a medium for learning new content. en there's the virtual classroom, which combines the best of both worlds. Virtual instructor-led classrooms offer the speed of information and the powerful tools of the Internet, while bringing the classroom approach to colleagues across the hall and across the planet with minimal logistics and cost. Sound like a good idea? It is. Both traditional and technology-enabled learning have strong proponents. Mobile and tech-enabled solutions certainly have a "coolness" that's appealing, and the in-person assistance of a good teacher is priceless. Of course, there are downsides for each as well. Classroom training has many associated costs, can require more administration and may have limited reach. Tech-enabled training can be more impersonal, can put the burden of performance more strongly on learners and may be less engaging. ere's also the issue of collaboration and support. Learning with and from fellow students is another foundation of education, not to mention the professional bonds and network growth that springs from the shared experience. Mobile and eLearning solutions have options to help mimic classroom support, which is admirable, but that's still a work in progress, and virtual classroom collaboration has it's challenges as well. Weighing these styles of learning begins, aer a while, to have a sort of see-saw effect, an exhilarating dizziness. Having too many options for the delivery of information is certainly a good problem to have ... but it's still a problem. What solution best fits your need? e balance of all styles, or "blended" learning, is in my opinion the best course of action. A little virtual and a little live instructorled, supported with e- and m-learning are my favorite combinations and a prime example of blended learning. So, what's the right mix? How much technology? How much teacher? In my viewpoint, the blended curriculum should start with eLearning mixed with virtual class to provide the knowledge transfer and reinforcement of new content. Follow that up with live classroom with simulations to practice and hone skills; using mLearning along the way to provide quick references and job aids to help students reinforce the learning. Will that view have detractors? Yes, as it should ... only your data and company culture can set the course for your blend of learning. What do you think? I John Sjovall is president of LTEN. Email John at FOCUS | SUMMER 2015 | 5

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