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UPFRONT Ad Index | 44 FOCUS contActs | 45 CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS dona Bone dawn Brehm John Bye Lisa clark merrill collier steve daniel Jill donahue daniel hallak sue Iannone Andrew mcK. Jefferson tom Johnson tom Kukla Brian Lange candice Lenkowsky dr. roy Pollock Kathryn rebilas John sjovall tim sosbe Focus is the official magazine of the Life sciences trainers & educators network (Lten). the network is governed by a board of directors, with management operations handled by an executive management group. the magazine is published four times a year and subscriptions are free to all members of Lten. nonmember subscriptions are $100 per annum. Focus is designed to provide members of the Life sciences trainers & educators network (Lten) with news and analysis of training, reports on trends in training, commentary and opinion, and reports on news and activities of Lten. FOCUS | SUMMER 2015 | 5 From the PresIdent Learning Delivery: What's Your Blend? By John Sjovall We're living in a time of learning abundance. With options like classroom training, eLearning and mLearning, finding the right blend is crucial. 11 Guest edItor Surviving and Thriving in a Volatile Industry By Sue Iannone Instability may be the new norm in life sciences, but you can thrive even in the face of uncertainty. Taking control of your career is liberating. 13 dIrectIons Let the Networking Commence! By Dawn Brehm Building your professional network happens conversation by conversation. You have to do your part by making sure you make connections. 15 Front oF the room Dig Deeper By Brian Lange ere are no trivial presentations, only opportunities to create engaging experiences. Keeping learners in mind increases their success ... and yours. 17 neuroscIence Memory Garden By Merrill Collier Are you interweaving evidence-based retention techniques into training? Effective learning methods are more than just memory magic. 46 5 QuestIons 5 Questions with ... Peter Bregman By Tim Sosbe People can get lost in a forest of bad habits. Author Peter Bregman shares how Four Seconds is all the time you need for better performance. Bonus Focus Global Learning: LTEN Members Share Their Secrets By Tim Sosbe Culture, competencies and communication all play a role in global training. Check out this special Member Solutions article in the May 2015 issue of Bonus Focus, available now on the website. 9

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Focus Magazine - Summer 2015

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From the President: Learning Delivery: What's Your Blend?
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Guest Editor: Surviving and Thriving in a Volatile Industry
Directions: Let the Networking Commence!
Front of the Room: Dig Deeper
Neuroscience: Memory Garden
Sales Trainer Onboarding: A Fresh Approach at Bristol-Myers Squibb
Leading Cross-Functional Teams
Change Your Paradigm, Transform Your Network
What's the BIG Idea? 3 Tips to Open Doors
Is There a Kink in Your Leadership IV?
Identity Hubs: Secure, Productive Collaboration
How Much Will the Next 5 Minutes Matter?
Virtual How: How Companies are Centralizing Training Functions
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5 Questions with Peter Bregman

Focus Magazine - Summer 2015