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EMERGING LEADER Rorie Madigan, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Over the past two years, Madigan has demonstrated many qualities of an emerging leader. 14 R orie Madigan, one of the four life sciences professionals honored as an Emerging Leader in the LTEN Excellence Awards, is an education consultant with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. Madigan was nominated by Susan Ebien-Pesa, manager of education solutions for Siemens. "Rorie has demonstrated an exceptional ability to align her projects with overall departmental and business strategies and goals in order to deliver the best product for both her team and her customer," Ebien-Pesa said. "She is a fearless leader who approaches challenges head-on and engages her teams in bringing forward meaningful solutions." Over the past two years, she said, Madigan has demonstrated many qualities of an emerging leader, including excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to lead and focus a diverse team and the innate ability to define and articulate a clear focus and purpose to her team members. Madigan has also led more projects and brought forth more content than some of the more-senior members of the team. She's skilled at building relationships, articulating needs and providing constructive feedback. "She has impressed management with her leadership abilities, as well as her desire to take on more responsibility and grow in the organization," Ebien-Pesa said. "I see Rorie growing with the organization because of her leadership skills, drive and ability." As an example of her work, Madigan learned a complex set of tools and processes to meet global business needs. She developed a relationship with a sponsor, built a team of stakeholders, conducted a needs analysis and laid out a curriculum map and development Rorie Madigan, pictured with her colleague William Magagna of Siemens. plan. All of this while keeping her team members engaged, communicating with stakeholders and delivering high-quality content together on time. "Bringing this content forward in a timely manner was critical to several countries who needed to translate this content into local languages to meet local business needs," EbienPesa said. "Since then, she has taken on the role to help mentor new members of the team to bring them up in the organization." "Rorie is an effective communicator with excellent interpersonal skills," she added. "I see her becoming a very effective and wellrespected leader in our training and development organization. She is an asset to our team, and would be an asset to any team she is on." ■ FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 |

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