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PINNACLE AWARD Medtronic "The new system and processes would best be described as light years ahead of the old." 18 T he Medtronic Cardiac and Vascular Sales Training Group has won the first Pinnacle Award, one of the LTEN Excellence Awards, designed to honor successful enterprise-wide learning initiatives. Medtronic was selected for the Pinnacle Award in recognition of its successful merging of eight autonomous business units and their training branches into one consolidated group. e unique initiative created a new unit, the Cardiac and Vascular Group (CVG), which has evolved into a collaborative function that serves the larger organization while still reporting to their respective businesses. "What makes this organization unique is that the reporting structure for the sales training teams remained direct to the business units, and not with the common alignment as the sales teams they supported," said Patrick D'Amico, director of sales training. "As a result, it required a high degree of collaboration, and a focus on what was best for the larger organization, while also ensuring that the needs of the individual business units were being considered and met." D'Amico oversees the CVG Sales Training Committee, comprised of sales training personnel from each of the CVG business units. e group meets and communicates regularly to define the sales training direction of the broader CVG organization. Some of the critical business issues the committee has addressed include: * A Common Learning Management System. e group converted more than a dozen learning management systems (LMS) into one common platform, reworking and optimizing existing learning content. Patrick D'Amico of Medtronic. * Selling Skills and Process. e new structure created opportunities for greater cross-selling of products and solutions from other business units. A customized selling skills program was formulated and to date more than 50 percent of the entire Medtronic organization has been fully trained. * Global Curriculum. A new common system was created to assure training materials being used around the globe were always current. "e launch of the new LMS for the organization is the largest initiative in the past 12 months," D'Amico said. "Overall, 141 new lessons have been delivered, crossing six business units and touching thousands of employees globally." With successful results in place that include employee satisfaction, increased profitability, faster onboarding, easier access to training data and quicker learning deployments, the new system is clearly working for Medtronic. "e new system and processes would best be described as light years ahead of the old," D'Amico said. "All online training is now tracked in one single system resulting in immediate access based on any factor that might be desired (time, group, individual, organization, course, etc.). is information is at the fingertips or just an email request away." ■ FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 |

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Focus Supplement - Summer 2015