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PRACTITIONER INNOVATION AbbVie "When it comes to innovating, AbbVie starts with the patient." P atient-centricity is an important focus for training, so it's fitting that AbbVie, Inc. has been selected for the Practitioner Innovation award in the LTEN Excellence Awards. "To grow our culture of care, employees need to truly understand what our patients are going through. We need to empathize to make a difference in their lives," said Marlies De Kluyver, senior digital development manager with AbbVie. "Taking a walk in a patient's shoes is a great way to start." To create that connection, AbbVie developed the Patient Life Experience, an online, interactive, game-based Marlies De Kluyver, Abbvie. experience. e game connects learners with a patient named Louise, following behavior changes based on increased her through the patient experience and also understanding of the patient experience. interacting with her medical providers, family "e solution was developed in a way that and friends. e experience stresses empathy made it cost effective, ensured adaptability for by focusing on how the learner felt aer the the various AbbVie brands, eased translation experience. into multiple languages and made content "Employees learn that the patient is the customizable: the custom game engine and ultimate customer and that AbbVie isn't just authoring platform," De Kluyver said. "is selling medication, it's improving patient means that updates can be made to existing journeys," De Kluyver said. "Employees Patient Journeys and non-programmers can recognize that each journey follows a similar create a custom game within a short period of pattern but is completely unique to the disease time." and the patient's experiences. "When it comes to innovating, AbbVie starts "Players who completed the game enjoyed it with the patient," De Kluyver said. "e Patient and perceived a growth in both their Life Experience, like some of the most played understanding of the patient journey and how and respected games in the world of serious to act on that knowledge in their work day," De gaming, delivers on the promise of immersing Kluyver added. the player in the emotional journey of the Participants from around the world and at character. It makes it easy to connect our various levels of AbbVie participated in a pilot employees' real-world roles and responsibilities of the learning game. Results showed an to making a remarkable impact on patients' average increase of 31 percent in expected lives." ■ FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 | 19

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Focus Supplement - Summer 2015