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PROVIDER INNOVATION Axiom by ApotheCom Cardiology Day 1 was so successful, Cardiology 2 took place six months later. 20 I nnovation is key to the provider/client relationship. Innovation certainly played a role in the training initiative that earned Axiom by ApotheCom the Provider Innovation honor in the LTEN Excellence Awards. Axiom's client, AstraZeneca, was seeking to increase clinical proficiency for specialty representatives in Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) and increase their understanding of scientific complexities in the cardiac cath lab. Axiom and AstraZeneca worked together to create Cardiology Day, a live, national meeting for 800 learners, featuring immersive learning in the science of cardiology. Cardiology Day 1 was so successful, Cardiology 2 took place six months later. Cardiology 3 is currently being planned, building on the foundational knowledge from the first meetings. "Our strategy was designed to generate strong reactions from each of the 800 learners by presenting engaging imagery, graphics, apps, audio and video which would immerse them into the learning environment and allow them to utilize their analytical skills, increase their scientific/clinical knowledge, and retain this knowledge over time," said Michael Ballas, managing director of Axiom by ApotheCom. "We immersed them into an interactive gallery of angiographic images and provide hands on ECG experience. We incorporated the use of interactive iPad activities to measure knowledge transfer, which allowed for an immediate assessment and course correction mechanism for Cardiology Day through our proprietary iPad app." e Cardiology Day live training was evaluated through pre- and post-assessments. e iPad app also helped measure behavior change. Learners were also encouraged to All from Axiom by ApotheCom = Craig Lipski, Lorri Bralow, Michael Ballas, Jennifer Davis, Rick Lang. submit topics for future learning opportunities. Instructional designers reviewed more than 600 requests and identified trends and gaps, providing learning objectives for Cardiology Day 2 and Cardiology Day 3. Feedback on the events has also been positive. "You've hit a home run with this cardiology day training. I now have the ability to more fully understand the cath lab environment and converse with my doctors about the multiple decisions they are faced with," one learner shared. "My doctors have stopped, listened, and talked to me like never before." "Arming sales representatives with this higher clinical acumen should enable them to have more educated, engaging and impactful conversations with their healthcare provider customers," Ballas said. "Being able to converse with their customers regarding the diagnosis and treatment decision process enables sales representatives to better know where their product fits into their customers' treatment approach and can better position their product in the eyes of their customers." ■ FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 |

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Focus Supplement - Summer 2015