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PROVIDER LEARNING CONTENT Excellerate "We fully expect the new behaviors to continue because we are shifting the mindset in the organization." T ransforming into a patient-centric organization is no small task, but it can be done. Helping to make that transformation for Leo Pharma has earned Excellerate the Provider Learning Content honor in the LTEN Excellence Awards. e transformation began when the need was recognized in 2012, with a new initiative titled "Building a Global Patient-Centric Organization." To make that leap, Leo identified two needs: * Approaching the business from a patientcentric perspective. * Helping individuals working at the company to internalize patient-centricity. Working with Excellerate and its founder Jill Donahue on that mission, Leo Pharma implemented a 15-week mobile learning program that has seen incredible progress and outcomes. Donahue created the training program aer her father passed away following a prescribing error, as a way to help the life sciences industries gain and hold our trust. "We did our due diligence on her and her program and discovered that she tested it with over 20 percent of pharma reps in our country with outstanding results," said Carol Darr, director of training and development for Leo Pharma. "is game-changing, 15-233k mobile program not only makes the learner a better person and offers great insights about him/herself, it also shows that when we do the right thing, we are all better off (patients, self, healthcare team, company)." e pilot of the new learning program was a big success for Leo Pharma, earning a Net Promoter Score of 9.1 out of 10, increasing the company's desire to share the training across the global organization. 22 Jill Donahue of Excellerate. "We know our industry needs to serve differently and better," Darr said. "We strongly believe that our nominee's superior program can help turn our industry around." e program has certainly been successful at Leo. In polling of pilot participants, 100 percent said they felt more patient-focused, more confident, more engaged and more prepared to serve effectively and ethically. "We fully expect the new behaviors to continue because we are shiing the mindset in the organization. We truly believe that," said Darr. "Like water cascading down a mountain, the ideas in the program started flowing through the organization." Darr is definitely a believer in the awardwinning program. "e mobile program is a prescription for success," she said. "Side effects include becoming unstoppable and irresistible. It's also highly addictive. Use with caution, your enthusiasm for better patient care can become contagious and infect others. ere is no cure for this epidemic. Luckily." ■ FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 |

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Dana Bates, Gilead Sciences
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Axion by ApotheCom
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Focus Supplement - Summer 2015