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PROVIDER PARTNERSHIP Bottom-Line Performance The new training program put in place also has standardized on-site training processes. S ometimes training can stagnate a bit, and needs to be reimagined and reengineered. When Roche wanted to rethink customer training, it worked with Bottom-Line Performance on a program that has earned the Provider Partnership category in the LTEN Excellence Awards. "What we realized was that people le our training feeling good, knowledgeable and ready to use their instruments, but when they got back to their lab, they had a hard time remembering how," said Rob Terrell, director of commercial education at Roche Diagnostics. "We were providing lots of great information, but we were sharing too much information and not giving them the time to practice basic operational steps so they could perform them later. We were not arming them with tools to reference the steps so that they could review them when they did get stuck." With that need in mind, Roche Diagnostics partnered with Bottom-Line Performance to conduct an analysis of existing training. e goal was to create confident customers able to meet their daily operational needs without excessive support calls. e new training drastically reduced pre-work for training classes and transformed a five-day class for all customers into live training only for key operators in customer labs. e new training program also has standardized on-site training processes, helped Roche close new business and decreased support calls while generating positive customer feedback. e results were so successful, Roche Diagnostics is implementing the approach across multiple product lines, which is expected to result in a 35 percent saving. FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 | From the right: Steven Boller, Bottom-Line Performance; Jane Jakupco, Roche Diagnostics; Leanne Batchelder, Bottom-Line Performance; Rob Terrell, Roche Diagnostics. "is award reaffirms early customer feedback regarding the reIMAGINE of our customer training," Terrell said. "We have narrowed our learning objectives of the systems to reflect what a customer must be able to accomplish on a daily basis in their labs. For more advanced training, we have developed tools to give customers the ability to feel confident in addressing other needs along the way."  For Bottom-Line Performance, the Provider Partnership award is a stamp of approval for the project and the collaboration with their client. "We are really proud and honored to win this award for our partnership with Roche because it is such a critical training initiative," said Leanne Batchelder, vice president of client relations for Bottom-Line Performance. "It helps the lab employees at five different levels do their job confidently and competently. It's translated into on-the job results and success for Roche. And when Roche has success, we have success. at's what makes a good partnership." ■ 23

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