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PRACTITIONER INNOVATION Alexion Pharmaceuticals lexion Pharmaceuticals is undergoing a rapid global expansion expected to add more than 1,000 employees in the next three years. It was that training challenge, and its response to it, that made Alexion a finalist in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Practitioner Innovation. A To meet the needs of the global commercial team, Alexion worked with IC Axon to create commercial leadership training, curriculum optimization and standardization and a global mentorship program. By using innovative trends in the field of training, and integrating the use of adult learning principles, the current training was replaced with a streamlined targeted curriculum. e easy-to-adapt mLearning pieces were also interspersed with opportunities for leadership and peer-based learning. With the implementation of the commercial excellence leadership program, the organization has seen increased personal and professional growth, improved job satisfaction, and increased understanding and response to diverse needs of the workforce, ultimately benefiting more patients. In the short-term, Alexion cited the business impact potential of a commercial leadership program, and also pointed to increased employee engagement, decreased turnover and accelerated growth in 2015. "It is both humbling and an honor to be recognized by the members of LTEN," said Chris Platanos, associate director, global sales training and development, Alexion. "Our ability to effectively train and develop our team results in serving more patients." ■ PRACTITIONER INNOVATION Genentech ncreasing the engagement of more than 200 field-based trainers (FBT) is a daunting challenge. But the solution Genentech employed to address that challenge has earned it a place as a finalist in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Practitioner Innovation. "FBTs are the primary point of contact for new hires and also are a key division level trainer for each brand across the organization," said Genentech's award application. "If the FBTs are not clear on their role or not engaged, they impact the entire sales organization in a negative manner." e lack of engagement, fueled by a lack of consistency with role definition, can create a negative impact on the organization. To combat that, Genentech launched an FBT Summit to level-set role definition and to increase engagement rapidly. Genentech ultimately chose a faceto-face training event as the solution, with a theme of "Rock your Role." e summit included using iPads and Xbox Connect as part of the facilitation tools. I 26 Six months later, at the national sales meeting, an FBT breakfast reviewed the key findings and set the stage for the next summit. "We will continue to build toward proficiency in facilitation skills for this team," the Genentech award application said. "Based upon overwhelming positive feedback from senior leaders, the FBT Summit is now an annual event for the organization." ■ Aer the summit, a survey helped evaluate the success of the program. FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 |

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