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PRACTITIONER INNOVATION Roche Diagnostics aced with a sometimes confusing blend of account management systems, in 2013 Roche Diagnostics made the decision to implement a phased roll-out of a customized version of Salesforce. at challenging roll-out has helped Roche be named as a finalist in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Practitioner Innovation. Joan Ridgeway, a performance consultant and developer with Roche Diagnostics, led the Training Development Team, which included X-Consulting Group. e team put together a two-day training program that included an e-learning prerequisite, two days of classroom F time and an eight-week post-training plan. e collaborative effort also included representatives from business units, IT project teams and data management teams. "Inclusion of sales leaders on the training platform was critical to the success of the training initiatives," said Tom Lazzaro, a partner in XConsulting Group. "e ongoing collaboration with each of these teams was crucial to capturing accurate information on business processes - both new and existing - and to ensure that the change management factors were identified and captured within the training curriculum." e training was recognized by as a "Best in Class" deployment in both design and delivery. e Roche team was also recognized for the Roche Diagnostics Corporation Award of Excellence in 2014. "e training approach was an outstanding example of client/partner collaboration from the beginning through project completion," Lazzaro said. "is initiative will support the achievement of goals and objectives for Roche North America in 2015 and beyond." ■ PROVIDER INNOVATION Educational Resource Systems ducational Resource Systems' client had the need to turn a fourhour PowerPoint into a more innovative and interesting training tool. e resulting solution led Educational Resource Systems to be named as a finalist in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Provider Innovation. cutting-edge technology called augmented reality. When the learner aims their iPad camera at a tracker image, a virtual-based projector initiates a series of holographic images on their iPad. e technology was successfully used to create an immersive and engaging learning experience that included text, narration, 3-D animation and video. e presentation had been used during the first day of new-hire training, but the content was seen as dry, unengaging and hard to retain. As a solution, Educational Resource Systems developed an interactive program that is heavily based on Today, a new hire reads the disease state module at home, then joins an Adobe Connect meeting conducted by a medical liaison and the trainer. e entire session is now less than 90 minutes. e augmented reality tool now covers most of the content, but E FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 | teaches it in an interactive and engaging way. "is program was very complex and it took a large matrix team to bring it to life, both within my company and the client company," said Gregg Terry, president of Educational Resource Systems. "is collaboration was not only useful, but necessary in order to effectively develop and execute this program in an effective, compliant, timely manner." ■ 27

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