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PROVIDER INNOVATION e-roleplay hen Biogen was looking to increase market share and customer satisfaction with sales training teams serving doctors and medical practitioners, they selected eroleplay to help make their sales professionals continue to be memorable, interesting and able to add value to each call. e solution eroleplay created earned it finalist status in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Provider Innovation. ree problems were identified for the training to address: * Converting the existing sales process from theory to skill through realistic practice. W * Providing each salesperson the ability to be memorable in brief conversations. * Enhancing the ability to adapt by increasing behavioral selfawareness. e-roleplay created a program titled TYMFI, or Tailoring Your Message for Impact. e first phase started with training as the foundation and included a 144-question psychometric test. Supplementing and reinforcing sales training content was the next step and included a one-day workshop with professional roleplayers. Finally, phase three took place about two to three weeks later and included one- on-one telephone roleplay. In the end, the number of sales professionals using the skills effectively increased from 20 percent to 85 percent. Participants increased self-awareness that helped to develop sales skills and team interactions, as well as potential leadership ability. "One size does not fit all when it comes to advanced sales training," Mark Lockett, Biogen sales director, wrote in the award application. "e central theme allows the participants to get comfortable with the practical application of the concepts and encouraged them to create a unique style that they were comfortable with." ■ PROVIDER INNOVATION Small World Social enentech was seeking a new and innovative solution to help training managers track the progress of employees, Small World Social helped create a training app. e result has helped Small World Social be named a finalist in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Provider Innovation. e app created combined learning styles, text, video, interactive content and in-person training to provide accessibility for all employees. It was targeted first to Genentech's Medical Partners group, comprised of 600 people, and introduced with a full communication campaign. G 28 e app allowed Genentech managers to get a more holistic view of the training, and an analytics dashboard helped them track user progress. "is leads to a greater understanding of each user's needs and what type of content is most effective," said Kathy Phelan, CEO of Small World Social. "All leading to a better, more refined learning experience." Genentech has seen a dramatic increase in app engagement, user growth and an overall increase in interest in training opportunities. e app has seen a 40 percent user growth month aer month, as well as an increased number of course registrations. In fact, aer a recent live training course release, all spots were filled within 48 hours - a record for Genentech. "We believe that with continued communication and relevant course offerings, we can affect behavior change and Genentech employees will continue to login and actively engage with the training portal without being prompted," Phelan said. "We are continually evolving the app design and campaign strategy in order to remove all barriers to training." ■ FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 |

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Focus Supplement - Summer 2015