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PROVIDER LEARNING CONTENT Cognizant Technology Solutions ognizant Technology Solutions has been named a finalist in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Provider Learning Content, aer helping a client create a comprehensive set of training materials to help new employees and interns understand the business process. Following a needs analysis, a Webbased series was selected to provide a graphically rich and engaging mode of learning. e learning module helped users to discover concepts on their own and apply to real-life situations. Cognizant used a custom framework for the courseware development, including many reusable C templates and graphic elements. "e salient feature of this strategy is placing the learner at the heart of a business problem and allowing them to decide on how to tackle it," said Manikandan Subramaniam, Cognizant's associate director. "Constructive feedback helps the user learn which of the options fit best, and remember the choice in relation to other equally possible ones." Cognizant worked with the client's learning organization to understand standards, procedures, culture and guidelines. e web-based training replaced face-to-face training conducted across the organization and helped the client reduce training spend. e training received positive responses from employees and the business teams. Also, 95 percent of the learners called the course effective and appreciated the visual treatment of the course, and business sponsors saw 100 percent compliance, revenue increased by 5 percent and training costs were reduced by 40 percent. "Overall, the expensive classroom training was replaced by online learning modules, which enabled the learners to learn the concepts in their own pace," Subramaniam said. "e real-time scenarios and activities helped the learners to practice the processes hands-on and apply it back in their job roles." ■ PROVIDER LEARNING CONTENT Impact International hen its client needed to redesign a leadership development program for district managers, the resulting work led Impact International to be named a finalist in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Provider Learning Content. e client company selected Impact International to redesign the twoyear-old program and provide a business-centered experiential learning program. e solution was a nomination-only, two-and-a-half day behavioral development experience targeting district managers. e program focused on leadership reflection, development scenarios, W understanding leadership and forming strategic relationships. e training incorporated experiential learning and implemented a 70-20-10 approach, with a focus on business outcomes. Internal collaboration played a strong role in the project, involving senior leadership and building coaching/mentoring opportunities. Evaluation of the program actually began with pre-program calls to set intentions for the training. Postprogram, the evaluation measured business results, program content, the learning environment, facilitator effectiveness, impact on leadership mindset and behaviors, behavior change and applicability of support FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 | tools. In the end, the program received a net promoter score of .83 out of 1.00, and is also credited with increasing quality, productivity, employee satisfaction, sales, cycle time and customer satisfaction. "e selected approach is highly realistic and relevant to participants' real lives at work because the focus is all about their real current leadership and business issues/challenges," said Ted Gemmell, senior vice president of global client services for Impact International. "It requires no 'mental gymnastics' to connect the dots between training and their lives as leaders and thus has very powerful sustainment and pull-through. ■ 29

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Focus Supplement - Summer 2015