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PROVIDER LEARNING CONTENT Red Nucleus ayer's Oncology business unit was facing a double whammy of restructuring while learning systems were up for annual review. e work Red Nucleus did with Bayer has earned it finalist status in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Provider Learning Content. B Also, sales leadership identified that time to field readiness for new hires would impact business success. e solution to these challenges was consolidating module content to align with product life cycles, reducing overall content and making content more customer-focused, while also engaging learners to gain the reputation as a valuable coaching and development tool. can dramatically shorten the time to having effective conversations in the field. "Red Nucleus assimilated all of this information and presented us with a concept for this project that focused on e-learning technology," said Rebecca Nickerson, associate director, oncology sales training for Bayer. "Red Nucleus gathered feedback along the development process to ensure that materials were meeting the needs we had outlined early in the process." "Our LMS (learning management system) team has also asked permission to showcase one of the elearnings during an upcoming 'DemoFest,' " Nickerson said. "is highlights the novelty of this training technology and the new standard that Oncology sales training has set for interactive, adult-based learning at Bayer Healthcare." ■ eir novel approach was to create an e-book learning system for online study. Ultimately, a prepared learner PROVIDER PARTNERSHIP Advantage Performance Group ith a need to transform its sales organization from productfocused to customer- and patient outcome-focused, LEVI Pharmaceuticals collaborated with Advantage Performance Group. e work has led to Advantage Performance Group being named a finalist in the LTEN Excellence Awards for Provider Partnership. Together, the companies created "Learn with LEVI," a sales curriculum that provided a platform to effectively develop and deploy skills, drive confidence and capability, and build a partnership with doctors and treatment team members. e W 30 purpose of the learning initiative was to focus on customer needs, and patient outcomes, and to achieve LEVI's key sales goals. "A compelling learning continuum was required to offer programs and experiences for these seasoned sales professionals to provide a catalyst for enhanced performance," said Jessica Lane, a partner with Advantage Performance Group. "We worked with LEVI to achieve this through critical skill-building and to bring out the best in LEVI's people, thereby creating a culture of collaboration and team discovery." e solution integrated four components to help account managers and district managers achieve greater sales success: A sales accelerator, business acumen, manager skills and building sustainability. e work was the result of collaboration with the executive team, marketing, brand teams, corporate communications, field sales and sales training. "e evaluation proved that sales professionals who applied the knowledge and skills were able to differentiate themselves from competitors by asking high-impact questions to demonstrate their understanding of the doctor's issues and concerns," Lane said. "is led to conversations that created value and ongoing access." ■ FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 |

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Focus Supplement - Summer 2015