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THANK YOU John Sjovall The Winners Revealed You'll read more about their work in the pages ahead. Y ou've seen the moment at the Oscars, or Grammys, or Emmys, or whatever awards show piques your interest. e stars are on stage, the envelope is opened and the winner's name is announced, aer a brief pause for dramatic effect. It's a formula that works, and it's become time-honored. And it certainly works beyond the entertainment realm as well. It works, in fact, for recognizing the outstanding effort of any professional. at most certainly includes life sciences training and education professionals. Flashback now a few weeks, to Wednesday, June 3, at the J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge. A large number of LTEN members are sitting in the ballroom, staring at a glittering table with a display of crystal award trophies for the first annual LTEN Excellence Awards. I'm standing on stage to greet winners, along with board member Chris Goins, who served as the master of ceremonies for the awards. e moment arrives and one-by-one the names of winners are announced. ey take the stage, take their trophies, take a bow. e audience applauds accordingly, celebrating the first winners of the only awards program aimed at life sciences training and education. Maybe you had to be there to really feel the sense of excitement and support as the winners were spotlighted, but you certainly can still learn from these top performers honored with the 2015 awards. In this special digital issue of Focus magazine, we're honored to spotlight the winners of the LTEN Excellence Awards, and also recognize the professionals who built the awards program to honor and support the work you do daily. Does life sciences need the awards and accolades? Not necessarily, since everyone's first calling in this industry is to help, not to be rewarded. Help the patients, of course, and help the healthcare providers. We also help our companies, help our learners and help our colleagues to be the best and brightest. Awards may be like dessert - nice but not truly needed - but they serve the purpose of singing the song of the unpraised. is year's award winners were literally all over the professional map, both on the industry and supplier partner side. Companies honored at the award ceremony included: * eRolePlay * AbbVie * Excellerate * Advantage * Genentech Performance * Gilead Sciences Group * HealthAnswers * Alexion Education * Axiom by * Impact International Apothecom * Medtronic * Bayer Healthcare * Red Nucleus * Bottom-Line * Roche Performance * Siemens Healthcare * CMR Institute Diagnostics * Cognizant * Small World Social Technology * UCB Solutions * Educational Resource Systems You'll read more about their work in the pages ahead, and you'll see some congratulations ads from their partners and supporters. Feel free to share your good wishes through us at As you read about the award-winning programs and personnel, think about your work, about your team, about the projects you've been involved with. e nominations for the second annual LTEN Excellence Awards will open in just a few short months, and we'd love to call your name next year. Stay tuned to LTEN for details on when and how to enter. OK, time for the big reveal. e curtain is up, the stage is lighted and the winners are... ■ John Sjovall is president of LTEN and senior director, commercial capabilities and training, at Collegium Pharmaceutical. Email John at 8 FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2015 |

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Introducing the LTEN Excellence Awards
The Winners Revealed
Profiles of Winning Work
Dana Bates, Gilead Sciences
Lisa Lukawski, UCB
Rorie Madigan, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Luis Pinzon, Bayer Healthcare
Axion by ApotheCom
Bottom-Line Performance
Awards Poster Session: Excellence on Display
Profiles of Finalists
Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Roche Diagnostics
Educational Resource Systems
Small World Social
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Impact International
Red Nucleus
Advantage Performance Group
CMR Institute
HealthAnswers Education
Wrapping Up: Thank You Notes

Focus Supplement - Summer 2015