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NETWORKINGRECEPTION Food, Fun & Friends: Making Connections in the Learning Village ■ By Tim Sosbe Y ou come to a live event like the 45th LTEN Annual Conference for many reasons. To learn, of course, and to network with your professional peers and colleagues. But you also come to have fun. Don't worry, we're ready for that. At this year's annual conference, we've planned several networking events that will give you the chance to meet and to catch up with other LTEN members, in fun, relaxing environments. In most cases, the events are taking place at the Learning Village Exhibit Hall. As you'd expect, that's the location for all supplier/sponsor booths, the LTEN booth and meal breaks. But there's a lot more happening there, and it's generally the hub for the entire event. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities to learn and connect at the Learning Village. Let's preview some of the parties and events you won't want to miss. 10 Welcome Reception e opening night reception will take place from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET in the Learning Village Exhibit Hall on Monday, June 13. In addition to the traditional food and refreshments, there will be various mini-receptions in select supplier booths, featuring specialty items such as martinis, margaritas and cra beers. Plus, you'll be able to get the first look at conference exhibits, talk with sponsors and suppliers and get the big picture of the event. is first look at the Learning Village also gives you a good idea of what will be discussed at the event and helps you determine who you might want to connect with for more information. Meals and Networking Breaks As always, general sessions and workshops will be framed by a variety of food and networking opportunities. You can find specific times for meals and networking breaks in your conference agenda, but be sure to take advantage of the casual connections you can make during breaks. While the networking breaks may be short, make it a point to meet someone new each time ... you'll be surprised how quickly your contacts list can grow. Another piece of good advice for breaks and mealtime: If you came with a group of colleagues from your company, split up. Yes, there's value in connecting casually with your team members, but it's also good to meet as many people as possible. You can even connect back at the office and report on the new contacts you make, to help spread the value of networking throughout your team.. FOCUS | CONFERENCE PREVIEW 2016 |

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Focus Supplement 1 - Summer 2016
Welcome to the 45th LTEN Annual Conference
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Table of Contents
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Food, Fun & Friends: Making Connections in the Learning Village
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Focus Supplement 1 - Summer 2016