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KEYNOTESPEAKER Peak Performing Trainers: Committed to Excellence ■ By Walter Bond B eing a former NBA athlete, the one thing I know for sure is that NBA athletes are committed to excellence. You can't make it to the top if you aren't. So now, I am committed to traveling the globe motivating professionals of all walks of life on the benefits of being committed to excellence. I imagine that all great trainers are committed to excellence? Since I le sports, I have observed professionals from all industries committed to some degree. Some are committed to average, some are committed to mediocre, some are committed to excellence. e latter are the ones that typically walk across the stage and are recognized by their peers. e key to success regardless of the endeavor is an unwavering commitment to excellence. When you are committed to excellence you actually care, I mean you really care. Maybe excellence is a relative term? As we all live our lives both professionally and 20 personally, how many times a day do you experience excellence? Excellence should be everywhere we look, everywhere we turn. Just excellence everyday...all day. From my perspective excellence should be a daily experience.....but is it? Have you experienced excellence today, or even in the past week? I am sure we have all experienced excellent service, excellent products, excellent people, excellent food, excellent presentations, excellent speakers and trainers before. Maybe excellence is a relative term that is based purely on a person's exposure. We can only understand the excellence we have been exposed to. So with that being said, who is an excellent trainer you admire? What makes them excellent? Better yet, when we talk about excellent corporate trainers do you make someone's list? I have learned that peak performing professionals understand what excellence is and pursue it daily as a part of their business philosophy. As you represent your company's training experience of onboarding someone new or retraining a repositioned employee do you offer an excellent training experience? Excellence has a range, from simply being a cut above everyone else to being the best in the world at what you do. So, let me challenge you with a question since we are on the same page now. Is your training ability the best in the world? Are you a cut FOCUS | CONFERENCE PREVIEW 2016 |

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Focus Supplement 1 - Summer 2016
Welcome to the 45th LTEN Annual Conference
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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Mel Robbins: Admit It: You're Not Fine
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Walter Bond: Peak Performing Training: Committed to Excellence
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Focus Supplement 1 - Summer 2016