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5 QUESTIONS Tim Sosbe 5 Questions With... Mary Myers Y Mary Myers LTEN Board President and Director of Training, Bayer HealthCare ou make your ending in the manner of your beginning, and that's most certainly true when attending a live training event, like the 45th LTEN Annual Conference. In that spirit, it's important to be prepared for an event and take control of your conference experience. So how can an attendee make the most of the conference? To answer that important question, we turned to a true expert, Mary Myers, president of the LTEN Board of Directors and director of training for Bayer Healthcare. I recently spoke with Mary about how LTEN members can best experience the LTEN Annual Conference. Tim Sosbe (TS): First, Mary, how many times have you attended an LTEN Annual Conference? Mary Myers (MM): I have been part of three organizations in different roles. roughout my career I have been fortunate enough to attend approximately 10 LTEN/SPBT conferences, which have helped me advance my career and develop my skills. TS: What's your favorite part about attending the LTEN Annual Conference? MM: I love the general sessions and keynote speakers; they are inspirational.  I also love meeting new people in fun, relaxing environments, learning from our vendor partners and investing in myself.  e conferences provide an opportunity to try new skills and ask smart questions of others who are experiencing similar growth challenges. TS: Do you have any advice on how conference attendees can make the most of their time at the event?  MM: Do your homework and plan your time. Attend the workshops that will stretch you and challenge you to think differently.  Even if you come with a group of colleagues, don't just travel with your friends or coworkers.  e purpose is to connect and do things differently. Splitting up gives your team a chance to experience several different workshops and compare notes, so you can maximize learning opportunities. And be sure to take advantage of the networking events and the opportunity to meet new people in fun environments. TS: Networking is one of the most valuable aspects of the conference. Any suggestions on how people can start the right conversation with the right potential contact or resource?  MM: A simple hello and a statement such as, "is is my first time here or my first time in this workshop.  Have you attended this or experienced this before?"  is opens the door to a conversation.  I always add something to the effect, "I am not familiar with this practice or innovation and am looking to learn something new. Does your company do something like this or are you here for a new experience as well?" TS: You're a U.S. Army veteran. Do you build a "battle plan" for these types of events?  MM: I always build a plan of attack to ensure I get the most use of our most precious resource, time. at's the one commodity we can't regain, so it's even more important to use it wisely. With the proper planning before arrival, individuals and teams can make sure they enjoy the conference experience while it brings real value to their companies and their careers. ■ Tim Sosbe is editor of Focus magazine and editorial director for LTEN. Email Tim at 38 FOCUS | CONFERENCE PREVIEW 2016 |

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Focus Supplement 1 - Summer 2016
Welcome to the 45th LTEN Annual Conference
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Focus Supplement 1 - Summer 2016