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UPFRONT Digital Focus Conference Issue spring 2016 3 From the ConFerenCe DireCtor Welcome to the 45th LTEN Annual Conference By Christine Gaudet e annual event is almost here, and the agenda is packed with learning and networking opportunities. Start to plan your approach now. 8 Conference Agenda-At-A-Glance ConFerenCe agenDa Where will you be at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, June 15? Check out the conference agenda to see what's in store this year. Learning ViLLage 10 Food, Fun & Friends: Making 22 New GxP Track: Reaching More Life new workshop traCk Sciences Trainers By John Constantine LTEN is adding a new workshop track, designed to reach a wider audience of life sciences trainers. Are your colleagues onboard? Connections in the Learning Village By Tim Sosbe From welcome receptions to exhibitor booths to Learning Labs, the Learning Village is the central hub for a variety of activities. keynote speaker 14 Admit It: You're Not Fine By Mel Robbins CNN commentator Mel Robbins shares a report on her conference keynote topic that will help you live up to your potential. 16 Communication in Leadership: keynote speaker inDustry partners 24 Conference Sponsors: Maximizing the Impact By Tim Sosbe Sponsors spend months preparing for events. Some returning sponsors share advice for maximizing the conference experience. 26 Learning Village Exhibit Hall Learning ViLLage map e Learning Village is a center for conference activities, so it's good to have a guide. is map will help you hit the high spots. Listening, Mindfulness and Music By Bill Scheidt Communication is a key ingredient in training. is article sets the stage for Sewa Beats' interactive - and percussive - keynote. preFerreD inDustry partners 28 Our 2016 Partners Preferred Industry Partners support LTEN and its members throughout the year. Here's a look at those special sponsors. 20 Peak Performing Trainers: keynote speaker Committed to Excellence By Walter Bond NBA athlete Walter Bond knows about excellence. In this article, he gives you a taste of his peak performance keynote. FOCUS | CONFERENCE PREVIEW 2016 | Get the Conference App at 5

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Focus Supplement 1 - Summer 2016

Focus Supplement 1 - Summer 2016
Welcome to the 45th LTEN Annual Conference
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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Conference Agenda-At-A-Glance
Food, Fun & Friends: Making Connections in the Learning Village
Mel Robbins: Admit It: You're Not Fine
Sewa Beats: Communication in Leadership: Listening, Mindfulness and Music
Walter Bond: Peak Performing Training: Committed to Excellence
New GxP Track: Reaching More Life Sciences Trainers
Conference Sponsors: Supporting Conference Attendees
Learning Village Exhibit Hall Schedule
Learning Village Exhibit Hall Floorplan
LTEN Talks: Targeted Topics from Industry Experts
Get the App: Your Digital Conference Tool
Giving Back: The Pajama Program
LTEN Members: Why the Conference is a Must-Attend Event
5 Questions with Mary Myers
Focus Contacts

Focus Supplement 1 - Summer 2016