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2016 WINNERS ALL-STAR TEAM: Merz North America T he training and development team at Merz North America may be relatively new - less than two years old - but the innovative structured training model they created was still enough to earn them the All-Star Team award in the 2nd Annual LTEN Excellence Awards. e Merz team put together a blended approach that includes eLearning, home study, live workshops, games and videos - an approach that's now standardized across all Merz business units. e training model began with a vision, mission and team charter that served as guiding principles for Merz North America training. With a mission to help colleagues "Be Better," the training team provided customized development programs that enabled employees to deliver results, with an emphasis on new-hire training included. "We created an onboarding agenda that consisted of three weeks of onboarding and home study and oneto-two weeks of S.W.A.G. (Simulations, Workshops, Application, Growth) training. We chose the S.W.A.G. acronym not only to describe what the home-office training consists of, but also to convey the confidence the reps will have aer leaving the training," said Michael Salyer, director of training and development for Merz North America. "Confidence to not only sell, but also bring value and insight with every sales call they make. e S.W.A.G. term has infiltrated our business units now and it makes us very proud to hear other departments say they have swagger!" e Merz North America Training Team * Michael Salyer-Director of Training and Development * April Sloan Wiemann-Corporate Training Manager * Tom Maxwell-Senior Corporate Training Manager * Craig Byrd-Corporate Training Manager * Nick Schneider-Corporate Training Manager * Mary Dubuisson-Associate Corporate Training Manager ■ EMERGING LEADER: Thomas Kiggins, Genentech omas Kiggins, senior sales trainer for Genentech, has been named the Emerging Leader winner in the 2nd Annual LTEN Excellence Awards. at's a pretty noteworthy accomplishment for someone whose career in training at Genentech began two years ago this November. Fortunately, Kiggins had a vast amount of field sales experience to draw on for his training role. "He is seen as a leader in our department and franchise. He always keeps an eye to what the field will best respond to but always keeps adult 10 learning principles top of mind for whatever he is developing," said Tamsin Mulrooney, an associate director at Genentech, when nominating Kiggins for the honor. "His strong relationships with the field, marketing and sales leadership as well as his ability to 'lead from where you sit' has been a recipe for success for Tommy." e successes credited to Kiggins' leadership include a train-the-trainer session for division managers, coaching the leadership team, serving as an informal mentor and being the "go-to" person for the training team, including new trainers. Kiggins has also received internal awards and recognition, and has been accepted into the Genentech Emerging Manager program for future leaders. "In this training role, Tommy has learned the importance of excellent training on the success of the company," Mulrooney added. "As a result, he will always keep that in mind as he coaches any direct report he may have in the future." ■ FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2016 |

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