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2016 FINALISTS PROVIDER INNOVATION: Educational Resource Systems, Metajourn, Q-Gamification & Scrimmage ■ By Tim Sosbe P roviders are oen a source of inspiration and innovation. at was certainly the case with the four finalists for the Provider Innovation award in the 2nd Annual LTEN Excellence Awards. Educational Resource Systems Creating an augmented reality (AR) program for 50 medical science liaisons, and by extension their physician clients, earned Educational Resource Systems a finalist position. e program was designed as a multimodal method to educate the liaisons on the attributes of an investigational drug. e training used complex 3D and 2D medical animations and illustrations on iPads, as well as capturing complex data metrics, mapping progression and tracking physician questions. "e use of this AR program in an educational engagement, driven by physician interest (unsolicited), written for an incredibly complex scientific story and design for overall ease of use in a training and field use environment was an incredible undertaking," said Candice Logan, vice president of business development for Educational Resource Systems. "e ability to capture physician interest through data mining backend metrics was an equally rewarding and challenging 24 task for our designers, illustrators and programmers." Metajourn Custom animations, learning mats, sticker leaves and life-sized Pando trees were all part of an immersive learning experience that Metajourn created for a project commissioned by Jeff Robertson, U.S. vice president of sales for Pfizer. e innovative delivery plan targeted awareness and understanding of the business units five strategic imperatives. "e ultimate goal in any training environment is retention of information," said Hayley Norman, managing partner of Metajourn. "Combining text and visuals in various forms in training resources gives learners multiple opportunities to interact with the information. e more times the content is seen in different ways, heard or read, the more likely it is for a learner to retain the new concepts and embrace the change." Q-Gamification A game-based learning module that was deployed to train 80 sales representatives earned the finalist status for Q-Gamification's 3D virtual reality simulation game on healthy bodies and disease states. Providers are often a source of inspiration and innovation. That was certainly the case this year. "Effective learner engagement, knowledge retention and knowledge recall are the age-old problem areas of training," said Ramya Gujjula, CEO of Q-Gamification. "But one area is always new - the timeliness of solutions devised for such problems. When our client approached us with similar problems, we started our PROVIDER INNOVATION: continued on page 25 FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2016 |

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