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2016 FINALISTS PRACTITIONER INNOVATION: Bayer, B. Braun & Genentech ■ By Tim Sosbe I nnovation is what keeps training from becoming just another box to check. It breathes new life into routine training and helps learners and organizations reach for new stars. e finalists for the Practitioner Innovation award in the 2nd Annual LTEN Excellence Awards certainly lived up to that ideal. Bayer Jennie Joshi, director of account management training for Bayer, and her team were nominated for a learning project that reached 140 corporate and government Managed Market customers, as well as some Bayer employees and executives. With healthcare reform and other factors changing the training landscape, account managers needed new knowledge and skills to stay relevant and deliver value. Innovation breathes new life into routine training and helps learners and organizations reach for new stars. "e Bayer Corporate & Government Customers (CGC) reorganization represents a transformational change in present and future state for the Bayer business," Joshi said. "CGC training became embedded in the culture, strategy and vision of the newly 26 formed organization since the inception, working with not only CGC leadership, sales training, leadership training, but also human resources, and business insights to design and develop training to support the new organization." e business unit reorganization was focused on becoming more customer-centric, accountable and nimble, with the business aligned in channels where customers operate, such as hospitals, payers, specialty pharmacy and federal. "e CGC training team has made an immediate impact by demonstrating value through the recent training initiatives, has been asked to serve as performance consulting strategic partners in several work-streams and are partnering directly with vice presidents to lead and advise on the critical deliverables," Joshi said. "is team has quickly become embedded in the DNA of the new organization, and now has so much work that we are in need of additional resources." B. Braun Medical For its nominated work, B. Braun Medical partnered with a teaching hospital for targeted, collaborative educational research designed to measure the impact of a simulationbased blended learning training program. In total, 63 nurses from the hospital took part in the study as part of their yearly competency training. "e program's design provided a comprehensive and engaging learning experience of deliberate challenging practice and increasing fidelity for clinicians," said Matthew LeClair, director, curriculum development, electronic and mobile learning, for B. Braun. Genentech Genentech was named a finalist for the work of Chris Hamman, preparing and delivering clinical and background training during an internal restructuring of its sales force. Hamman developed a combination of interactive modules that featured PRACTITIONER INNOVATION: continued on page 30 FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2016 |

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