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2016 FINALISTS INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIP: BlueC Studio and Klick Learning Solutions ■ By Tim Sosbe E ven companies with talented learning and development teams can benefit in new ways by partnering with vendor organizations. e 2nd Annual LTEN Excellence Awards recognizes the potential of partnership, and this year several firms were nominated for their work with client companies. is article spotlights the work that two finalist companies, BlueC Studio and Klick Learning Solutions, completed with clients. needs assessments, it was in the middle of tremendous challenge, having recently commenced a largescale field force restructuring," said omas Hood, deputy director, field sales leadership development for BlueC Studio & Bayer Bayer. "e challenge was HealthCare compounded by the fact that a BlueC Studio was nominated in the pharmaceutical product had been Industry Partnership category by its temporarily pulled from the market. client, Bayer HealthCare, for its work Bayer needed a partner that could as a strategic partner helping to quickly provide robust qualitative and impact more than 1,000 field quantitative data to provide clarity on managers and sales representatives. the training needs. Additionally, the BlueC conducted enterprise-wide Bayer team knew that BlueC had the Even companies with talented learning expertise to translate and development teams can benefit in new findings into solutions and, most waysby partnering with vendor organizations. importantly, to extrapolate insights from the data." needs assessments that helped e needs assessment was designed pinpoint knowledge and performance to identify knowledge and gaps, provided insight into cultural performance gaps, but it also issues and provided robust training uncovered cultural issues around blueprints to ensure field-force sales-force motivation and engagement. relationships between salespeople and "When Bayer called on BlueC field leadership. BlueC went beyond Studio to perform enterprise-wide FOCUS | CONFERENCE AWARDS SUPPLEMENT 2016 | the original scope to develop a curriculum to address those issues. e BlueC needs assessment was conducted in the U.S. market, but BlueC was able to extrapolate its findings for global use. "e strong partnership between BlueC and Bayer has been instrumental in leveraging BlueC's capabilities to enhance Bayer's sales success," Hood said. "BlueC was able to combine our depth of market understanding and experience with our understanding of Bayer's organization, culture and strategic objectives." Klick Learning Solutions Working with a biopharmaceutical client company, Klick Learning Solutions designed a fully-integrated Learning Content Management System (LCMS) with a built-in onboarding program, complete with social components to accommodate a remote workforce. e LCMS was designed to impact the business by INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIP continued on page 34 31

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