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CO0806.qxd 7/18/06 4:16 PM Page 4 editor's letter Learning's Leap of Faith You've seen me discuss in this space the CLO Access: No matter what the desired delivery Symposium, our conference program that method, make sure the message reaches the brings together learning and development right learners in the right way. thought leaders from around the world. It's not Faculty and management satisfaction: Two the facts of the program that I dwell on, but the separate nuts there, but intertwined. A happy amazing levels of discussion and discourse that faculty leads the most productive learning take place there. The CLO Symposium is experiences; a content management supports becoming the industry's cafeteria of food for them financially and otherwise. thought, and after every event I walk away with another nutritional nugget. Student satisfaction: Again, we're going beyond smiley sheets here, but if the learners Well, chew on this: Our most recent Symposium, aren't engaged this time, imagine the hurdles this past March in Amelia Island, Fla., offered a you'll have to clear next time. rich diet of inspirational items. Two comments from one of our Birds of a Feather sessions were Learning effectiveness: That is, of course, especially tasty. First, this quote, from Kee Meng the heart of the matter. Without effective Yeo, director of Johnson & Johnson's e-universi- education, you've just got workers accessing ty: Learning will need sometimes a leap of faith, random information. That's what television sometimes on management's part. and home computers are for. I couldn't agree more. Learning, practically by Cost effectiveness and institutional commit- definition, is about faith and acceptance. You ment: Peter's right to lump these together. can crunch numbers, review metrics and study Senior leadership, especially in the CFO smiley sheets for hours on end, but ultimately suite, will be more committed to the afford- you still need a little devotion to your own able than the not. Of course, even a seven- efforts. Learning is change from within, and figure sum is affordable if the value it returns like all such change, the true results might not is high enough, and if you can demonstrate manifest themselves immediately. The that value. Welcome back my friends to the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon, but show that never ends. no one standing on those magnificent cliffs Faith is more than loyalty and commitment, recognized what was happening. just as education is more than the delivery of That's where management comes in. Sometimes facts. Faith is believing in yourself, in your peo- we business leaders expect immediate results, ple, in your mission, in the higher powers of something that's more reasonable in some indus- desire, ambition and ability. Education is a sci- tries than others, with learning and develop- ence; faith is anything but. Somehow, the two ment being an other. It's part of the CLO's role still walk hand-in-hand. to manage the expectations of management, Have you taken any leaps of faith lately? If walking a razor-thin tightrope to be sure. you're poised to jump, consider these words You are, of course, management yourself, so from physicist Edward Teller a scientist don't forget your own leap of faith when it discussing faith: When you come to the end of comes to learning. That requires more than all the light you know, and it's time to step into hoping to fill seats or having a gut instinct. You the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing have to trust in the support of leadership, the that one of two things shall happen: Either you strength of the organizational learning culture, will be given something solid to stand on or the talents of your team and the complete par- you will be taught to fly. ticipation of the learners. No evangelist ever August 2006 Happy landings. said faith was an easy state of grace. Fortunately, faith in the power of education I I Chief Learning Officer isn't blind devotion. Whether you're relying on tactile delivery or strategic value, workforce development is a calling you can control, at least to a point. Which brings me to the other tasty tidbit from Norm Kamikow the Spring 2006 Symposium, this one from Peter Editor in Chief Shea, a professor at the University of Albany. In a Birds of a Feather discussion group, Peter out- lined for attendees five pillars of successful work- force development. Make these your mantra: 4

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