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CO0806.qxd 7/19/06 11:46 AM Page 9 August 2006 table of contents 22 learning solutions James J. L'Allier, Ph.D. CLO Competencies: The Path for Future Learning Leaders M a n y of today's CLOs are between the ages of 45 and 55. A s this generation retires a n d the next one moves in, w h a t work experiences and competencies will these new l e a r n i n g executives need? What is the definition of the future CLO? 28 environment Mark Beckstrom Best Practices in Learning Governance M a n y organizations now view learning less as a cost center and more as a driver o f enterprise value. W i t h this shift in perception, e n t e r p r i s e - l e a r n i n g governance b e c o m e s more important and more strategic to an organization's ability to thrive. 36 productivity Mark Morgan & Michael Abrams Practical Tools for Measuring Organiza tional Effectiveness C L O s should have a vested interest in ensuring that the impact of learning can be m e a s u r e d effectively and efficiently. T h i s requires an infrastructure linking training 22 t o skills, s k i l l s to behaviors and behaviors to results. web- only web-only content on 44 O R I G I N A L FEATURE: I t Takes Two to Tango: C a n Learning E x e c u t i v e s Learn to Dance? David Fell Contrary to popular belief, L M S software is o n l y half of the equation for success. To effec- 44 human capital t i v e l y automate organizational learning using a n LMS, i t truly takes two to tango. Cari McLean Quality Control: Lessons from and for O R I G I N A L FEATURE: P e o p l e, t h e Neglected Part Mid-Market Companies of Technology David Miller T h e challenges learning and development organizations face can intensify for mid-market Workplace technology has grown sharply in companies. D u e to limited communication with senior leadership, I T- i n f r a s t r u c t u r e confines s i z e and complexity over the past 50 years. and budget constraints, m a n y mid-market companies struggle to establish learning strategies H o w e v e r, w h e t h e r it is a typewriter, m i m e o - g r a p h machine, P C or complex enterprise t h a t align to strategic objectives. s o f t w a r e system, e m p l o y e e s consistently need t o adapt to change, t u r n o v e r and evolution. O R I G I N A L FEATURE: 48 tactics G o i n g from CLO to CDO Chief Destruction Officer Ed Cohen Brian Klapper The Learning Horizon: Tomorro w's Technologies Corporate mental modeling often penalizes f a i l u r e, e l i m i n a t e s dissent and crushes the I n the near future, t e c h n o l o g y will help CLOs streamline packages of learning content, p o t e n t i a l for creativity. H o w e v e r, a CDO chief d e s t r u c t i o n officer can help mitigate the c o m m u n i c a t i o n and integration. H o w e v e r, t h i s change will require collaboration within the e f f e c t of corporate groupthink and propel an i n d u s t r y and an integration of the different technologies corporations use around the world. o r g a n i z a t i o n to greater heights.

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