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thE statE of thE Digital EDition inDustry s one of many new products to emerge since the dawn of the Internet, digital editions have experienced rapid changes in execution, often in reaction to quickly evolving technology and nearly as quickly evolving strategies by their users. Hardly a mature industry, in many ways digital editions are only now being brought to the forefront of publishers’ minds as they seek to fill the demand created by the oncoming onslaught of tablet devices. That said, opinions on the product vary widely; for every publisher touting big success with digital editions, another seems to say that they’ve failed in their promise to deliver readership, revenues or both. A As a premiere provider to the publishing community, Nxtbook Media sought to enter 2011 with a better understanding of where digital editions fit into the mindshares of publishing executives. Where are publishers being successful? Where aren’t they? And selfishly, we wondered where we fit into this mix. In late 2010 we sent out a survey to hundreds of magazine publishers, asking them questions about their own successes and failures. In addition, we asked what provider they were using, so we could determine satisfaction rates for both self service and full service digital publishing customers, as well as satisfaction rates for Nxtbook Media customers. The results follow. © Nxtbook Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Digital Editions, State of the Industry - January 2011
A Word About Definitions
Circulation and Audience Development Results
Revenue Generation Results
Tablets and Mobile Devices
Optimized Digital Magazines
Conclusion & Predictions for 2011

Digital Editions - State of the Industry - January 2011