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circulation anD auDiEncE DEvElopMEnt rEsults I n the first part of the study, publishers were asked whether they were mostly or partly satisfied, or mostly or partly dissatisfied with the circulation and total audience of their digital editions. Slightly less than half of surveyed publishers indicated that they were satisfied with the circulation of their digital editions. BtoB publishers, however, reported higher levels of satisfaction, with exactly 50% claiming to be somewhat or mostly satisfied. One of the advantages of digital editions, however, is that they can generate readership outside circulation through social media and SEO. This benefit showed itself, as 54% of BtoB publishers claimed to be mostly or somewhat satisfied with their total audience. Most interestingly, fewer than 20% of publishers felt their audience couldn’t be grown, and nearly 60% were certain it could, but were unsure how to do so. continued... btob readership satisfaction © Nxtbook Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Digital Editions, State of the Industry - January 2011
A Word About Definitions
Circulation and Audience Development Results
Revenue Generation Results
Tablets and Mobile Devices
Optimized Digital Magazines
Conclusion & Predictions for 2011

Digital Editions - State of the Industry - January 2011