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meeting the challenge [ ENTER NXTBOOK MEDIA ] In 2008, Gale started using Nxtbook Media to create a digital version of their catalog. Nxtbook’s technology, however, exceeded the website’s capacity to handle customers efficiently. Though Gale had been looking to improve his website already, he reports, “the nxtbook was one of the drivers in us trying to get our website reconfigured in order to be more compliant with more modern technology.” Stokes Seeds launched a new website January 2010 which was compatible with their Nxtbook catalog. The digital catalog provided page-like experience; customers can flip through the book, scan multiple products per page, and download the catalog to peruse offline at their convenience. The digital edge provided for live links and clickable product pictures to drive customers to the corresponding product page on the new Web site. The product page opens in a new window so customers do not leave the digital catalog. Click here to see the Nxtbook version of the catalog Click here to see the new Stokes Seeds website To meet the challenge of an international consumer-base, Gale creates separate editions of the catalog for the U.S. and for Canada. The new Web site asks upfront if customers are shopping in Canada or the U.S. The Web site then uses a cookie so sessions are “remembered.” Customers can bounce back and forth between the digital catalog and website over a period of days, and their shopping cart holds their items. Additional features of the new Web site include an expandable left-side menu which cuts down on the number of clicks and the amount of time users need to spend to find the page they want. Gale also moved the Web site servers out of their offices and allowed professionals to host the site. This provided increased speed and reliability of the Internet site.

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Case Study: Stokes Seeds
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Case Study: Stokes Seeds - Digital Editions Driving Technology