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Custom Lead Nurturing Package Designed for: Companies that want to nurture leads with email campaigns and identify the prospects that are ready to buy. What it is: A series of 6 emails integrated with a reporting system that tags and scores leads based on their interaction with your campaign so you can see where your leads are in buying cycle and close them when the time is right. Benefits: • Establishes a turnkey, formal follow up process • Keeps your brand in front of your prospects • Match content to where prospects are in the buying cycle • Detailed reports identify your serious prospects • Seamless integration with Salesforce Features: • Design contains your branding and clear calls to action • Copy written to address every stage of buying cycle • Scored lead reports show engagement of prospects within the campaign (What links did they click? Did they visit your site? What pages of your site did they visit?) • Full project management from content creation to deployment Turnaround: 3-4 weeks Click to view custom lead nurturing video CUSTOM LEAD NURTURING PACKAGE

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