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Digital Magazine and Newspaper Editions: Best Practice Cases Graduate Prospects Out of the ashes Graduate Prospects is the commercial subsidiary of the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU). HECSU is a registered charity that supports the work of higher education careers services in the UK and Republic of Ireland and funds major research projects that benefit the higher education careers sector. HECSU is jointly owned by Universities UK and the Guild HE. Graduate Prospects works in partnership with the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) to maximize the opportunities and support available to all students and graduates throughout their career search. Graduate Prospects is a fully interactive digital magazine offering the speed and accountability of online recruitment with impact and branding of traditional printed publications. Nxtbook Media, LLC ( transforms the way people read on the Internet. Working with magazine publishers, catalog publishers, and corporate marketers, they find ways to leverage traditional print material for optimized use online. The Nxtbook team provides publishers with a service that reduces their costs while simultaneously expanding the reach and effectiveness of their materials. In doing so, the readers of our digital editions enjoy a media-rich experience that causes them to return to participating publishers' digital editions and Web sites time and time again. The Challenge Graduate Prospects was the first of several publications in the UK devoted to jobhunting for new college grads. When universities started offering email distribution lists for campus recruiting, Graduate Prospects circulation dwindled and advertisers dropped out. Graduate Prospects needed a technology solution that would reduce production and distribution costs, yet retain the character of the previous print magazine and reach the new generation of digital readers. Meeting the Challenge For many years, Graduate Prospects had an enduring franchise and very profitable business in providing a printed publication — Immediate Vacancies — that alerted new graduates to positions that had recently become available within their chosen career track. The publication was distributed by mail and via delivery to university placement offices. Unfortunately, the service provided by this publication was replaced by technology as placement offices started to send out new job openings via email. This change caused circulation to drop and advertising revenues to diminish. The ad rates ©2008 Gilbane Group, Inc. 17

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Gilbane Research Report (excerpt) - Digital Magazine Editions
Table of Contents
Section One: The Data
Adoption Data
Section Two: Best Practice Case
Bentley Systems
Graduate Prospects
Information Today
Marine Log
Vendor Description
Section Three: Conclusions
The Authors
About the Gilbane Group, Inc.

Gilbane Research Report (excerpt) - Nxtbook