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Digital Magazine and Newspaper Editions: Best Practice Cases Hearst Innovation in Digital Delivery Hearst Electronics Group ( is the largest publisher of product information to the electronics industry. Their directories, eNewsletters, Web sites, Magazines, Webcasts, Inventory access tools, and databases are invaluable resources for engineers involved in product design. Todd Christenson is Publisher, Electronic Products, Hearst Electronics Group. He is responsible for redefining the digital look and feel of Electronic Products. Electronic Products ( reports on important developments in products and product technology. Its editorial content serves as a key information source for engineers and managers. Project Analog ( helps keep EEs current on the latest technology trends in analog electronics and helps them make better-informed part and technology choices. This special digital publication includes a package of technical articles covering such topics as energy management challenges in personal handheld devices, selecting amplifiers to work with thermocouples, and a look at lens drivers used in handset camera modules. Nxtbook Media, LLC ( transforms the way people read on the Internet. Working with magazine publishers, catalog publishers, and corporate marketers, they find ways to leverage traditional print content for optimized use online. The Nxtbook team provides publishers with a service that reduces their costs while simultaneously expanding the reach and effectiveness of their content. In doing so, the readers of digital editions enjoy a media-rich experience that causes them to return to participating publishers' digital editions and Web sites time and time again. The Challenge The electronics market is truly global. As such, many international readers prefer to receive and read digital editions of business to business publications. This is especially true in the Far East, where 80% of engineers use e-books in their academic training. Therefore, Hearst Electronics Group decided in 2006 to develop a set of unique digital products that would become a competitive advantage in attracting readers and advertisers. Meeting the Challenge Todd Christenson has extensive experience with the development of digital editions of magazines. He considers Nxtbook to be an outstanding partner in developing the next generation of digital products. When they embarked on Project Analog, the Nxtbook team suggested a designer and was very proactive about being sure that social ©2008 Gilbane Group, Inc. 20

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Gilbane Research Report (excerpt) - Digital Magazine Editions
Table of Contents
Section One: The Data
Adoption Data
Section Two: Best Practice Case
Bentley Systems
Graduate Prospects
Information Today
Marine Log
Vendor Description
Section Three: Conclusions
The Authors
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Gilbane Research Report (excerpt) - Nxtbook