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concluSIon in The case for advertising in interactive digital magazines Will the next generation of interactive digital magazines become a valuable advertising medium? As has been documented in this study, for some it already has. And as e-reader technology becomes more mainstream, the number of publications embracing this interactive approach will grow rapidly. The eight publications that participated in this survey are successfully selling advertising to repeat customers and building growing subscriber bases. Here is a summary of what some of their readers had to say: • Their experiences with interactive digital magazines were far more engaging than their experiences with websites of similar content. • They found advertisements in interactive digital magazines to be far more engaging than advertisements on websites of similar content • They found ads in interactive magazines to be more helpful or interesting than ads in any other electronic media • They felt the ads in interactive magazines had far less negative impact on their user experience. • They regularly ignored ads in interactive digital magazines far less often than ads in any other electronic media. • They use search less because they regularly receive information through an interactive digital magazine subscription • The “digital extras” like embedded video and flash animation extended their reader involvement by motivating them to look at articles they would otherwise have skipped. • When “digital extras” are built into interactive digital magazine ads, this can motivate them to look at an advertiser’s message they might otherwise have skipped. • Younger readers of interactive magazines take to them with greatest acceptance. For this next generation of “digital natives” who grew up with the Internet, interactive digital magazines seem like a very natural media experience. Interactive digital magazines have unique opportunities for reader engagement that are not found in other advertising media. Marketers lucky enough to find one of these publications in a target market can use it to deliver a customized interactive customer experience to meet their marketing goals. As e-reader technology makes its way into the hands of consumers, the circulations of these publications are sure to increase. For these reasons, we predict that the future for interactive digital magazines as an advertising platform will be very bright. ¢

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The Case for Advertising in Interactive Digital Magazines