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methodology Interactive magazines are still a small minority of digital magazines, most of which are digital replicas of print magazines. I identified a group of brave, innovative publishers who are currently successfully selling advertising into their interactive magazines. I then asked them for their help in surveying a sample group from their subscriber lists. The following magazines, who agreed to send our questionnaire to their subscribers for this survey, are (in alphabetical order): • • • • • • Grand HipCompass Escapes HorseLink Outside’s Go! PopSci Genius Guide Premier Guitar • VIVmag • Winding Road We collected a total of 5,612 completed questionnaires. The responses represent a wide variety of interests, respective to the list above: automotive, women’s interests, men’s interests, science, horses, travel, music, and grandparenting. In essence, this was a series of eight separate but identical surveys, each sent to the circulation of one of the eight interactive magazines we partnered with. Each respondent received the exact same questionnaire, and the results from all the publications were combined to obtain the composite results of the study. Because of the challenge of working within the schedules of each publication, the actual surveying took place over a two month period. The first survey deployed on October 8, 2009, and the final response from the last survey was collected on December 15, 2009. At no point will we be sharing results from individual publications. By prior agreement, all results are presented collectively. ¢ research

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Advertising in Interactive Digital Magazines
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The Results
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The Case for Advertising in Interactive Digital Magazines