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Our Mission
Nxtbook Media exists to inspire our community
to realize its full creative potential.
We embrace the fact that we are an integral part
of our community's success
and will passionately support them to that end.
We serve as a model business,
dedicated to providing superior results
by encouraging collaboration,
tirelessly pursuing new challenges,
and being socially responsible.


Our Values

We believe in providing meaningful assistance to
our clients, community, and employees in whatever
way we can to help them succeed.


Through collaboration, we will establish caring and
meaningful relationships with one another, our
clients, and those in the community, to share ideas
and work together as partners in success.


We will lead by example, share our expertise and
knowledge, and inspire others toward a purposeful


Even when it is challenging to do so, we will act
with honesty and uphold the highest moral and
ethical principles through our own personal and
professional actions.


We will look past the obvious toward imaginative
solutions. We will question the status quo, seeking
different perspectives so that we inspire innovation
and originality.


We will make certain that, individually and collectively, we are proud of the work and effort we invest
in the success of our clients and ourselves.


We will infuse our interactions with our unique
personalities. We will let our passion be the fuel we
need to take on projects, ideas, and causes to which
we are truly committed.


with Michael Biggerstaff

I'm very excited to share with you the Best of Nxtbook. This is a collection of
many of the great, innovative things publishers can do using the Nxtbook
One of the things we have realized is that people are drawn to clarity and we
wanted to provide the Best of Nxtbook to help supply that clarity and guide
you as you learn all of the creative things that are possible with your digital
publication using the Nxtbook software.
When people think of digital publications they usually think of page flipping
technology that tries to replicate the physical print experience. When you partner with Nxtbook you quickly learn that our platform offers you so much
more than pages that flip. Some of our products don't even use page flipping
as a simulation to the navigation experience. We don't make our products into
a one size fits all. We have different products that meet different needs, but we
always find the solution that feels right for you.
When you use the Nxtbook platform and some of the Nxtbook products like
PageRaft and Design for Digital you are really creating reading experiences that
are user friendly. We work with some of the best content creators in the world
and many of them have realized that making an enhanced user experience is
the best way to create a stronger bond with digital readers. Following our mantra of Publish Once, and distribute content across all devices.
I think one of the features that I like a great deal is the text on the go. I think
it really helps the reader that is trying to read the content through the mobile
phone. Imagine being at soccer practice with your seven year old and being
able to read from your phone. It makes catching up on your reading very easy
when your phone is your best option.
Through the Best of Nxtbook, it is our goal to show
you more about Nxtbook as an organization
and the opportunity to get to know our
products a bit better. It is important to
feel good about the business partners that
you work with. Working with you, we can
help make your goals a reality.
Remember, providing clarity is a very important responsibility that we all try to embrace in our day to day work. If there is are
any questions that you have after looking at the
Best of Nxtbook please make sure to ask your Nxtbook representative. We want to provide that clarity.
If I can be of any help to you along the way, feel free
to contact me at In the
meantime please enjoy, the Best of Nxtbook.

Michael Biggerstaff
Chief Inspiration Officer (aka, CEO)

Best of Nxtbook

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Best of Nxtbook

A Few Words From Michael Biggerstaff
Hands Across Lancaster
Video, Slideshow, Print View
Three Benefits Of Digital Editions
A Look Inside Digital Media Strategies
Why Valuing Creativity Is Vital To Every Business
Build Leaders Worth Following
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Best of Nxtbook - bb
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Best of Nxtbook - Why Valuing Creativity Is Vital To Every Business
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