Best of Nxtbook - 22

Scott Charney:
Dr. Henry Cloud spoke about the The Power of
the Other and explained how people around you
drive your performance. This is an awesome takeaway
and reminds us that we can't do it alone.
Zach Behm:
Bar├ęz-Brown suggested unleashing creative potential
by getting yourself off of auto-pilot. You need to
mix yourself up and do things out of your ordinary
routine to become truly present and observant of
your surroundings. Small curveballs you can throw
at yourself include taking a different route to work,
ordering a meal out of your norm when out to eat,
or sitting different places around the office. It's only
when you're off auto-pilot that you can tap into
your subconsious which is where creativity lives.
Also, don't just think things, do them. Make them
real. When you make things real, you get direct
feedback, are able to experiment and make adjustments,
and your subconsious becomes primed for
when it happens again. It makes me more apt to
experience things and challenge myself.
Gentry Lusby:
Many of us, myself included, found ourselves
encouraged by Andy Stanley's opening talk about
learning to harness clarity. This was the biggest
take-a-way for me from Leadercast. While many
people want integrity, the ones that we follow give
us clarity. Throughout history, there are examples
of both powerful, wonderful leaders and powerful,
terrible leaders that had a clear message.
Both type of leaders had followers. Both changed
the world. You may have the greatest, most life
transforming vision of the future, but if you can't
state it simply and clearly, it may never gain any
Todd Reinhart:
" Clarity is powerful and results in influence,
which is the essence of leadership. "
While I learned something from all of the speakers,
I keep coming back to Andy Stanley's message
- " People value Integrity, but follow Clarity. "
When I think more about this principle, it makes
sense to me that others would follow someone
who can clearly define a shared vision. Andy's
definition of vision resonated with me too, " The
mental picture of what could be fueled by conviction
of how it should be " .
Learn More about Leadercast
Alicia Bradley:
" The definition of leadership is the ability to
get people to follow you. "
This concept has really resonated with me in
terms of how much clarity we need to give people
Best of Nxtbook
if we want them to follow. The definition of leadership
is the ability to get people to follow you
which would in turn mean that clarity is at the
very core of leadership. If we can clearly make
people understand the vision of Nxtbook Media
- Exist to Inspire - this should translate to that
vision being evident in every interaction we have,
whether that's with each other, our customers,
our community, our families, or beyond.
The other concept that has really gotten me
thinking was presented by James Brown and was
around " Depth Before Height " . It seems like a
very basic concept but it really opened my eyes
to thinking about how important the foundational
elements of the company are to our long
term success and ability to grow. The depth of
the foundation truly determines the height of
success. If you haven't built the foundation deep
enough you can only go so high.
Our day at Leadercast left us motivated and
encouraged to be the #ArchitectsofTomorrow.
I'll leave you with a few more words from Alicia,
as it wraps things up nicely:
" I've been thinking a lot about the concept of
leadership and that you don't need a title or specific
position to be a leader. We lead in so many
indirect ways every single day. We lead by example
from the way we interact with people to the
words we use to speak to them. "
Well said. We're all leaders in our own way. How
will you choose to be a better leader today?

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